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A Guide for Employees:
Virtual Professionals & Transitioning Towards a Blended Organization

This FAQ guide is for employees and team members getting ready to welcome a new MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant.

First, Congratulations!

Having a new Virtual Professional is a recognition of all the hard work done to this point by all in the team – which includes you!

Congratulations on bringing in, or highly considering, a new MOD Virtual Professional for your team! This marks the beginning of a new and exciting time for you, your coworkers, and the company. Employing a virtual assistant means that the company is making an investment in your team and looking to achieve the next level of excellence and performance. The efforts you’ve put into the company have made it possible to hire a MOD Virtual Assistant.

What is a MOD Virtual Professional?

Simply put, a MOD Virtual Professional is a full-time addition to your organization, but they will work with you virtually. They can shoulder specific daily responsibilities, help maintain smooth operations, and allow the team more freedom to focus on their work.

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MOD Virtual Professionals are:

  • Dedicated, full-time team members with a global background.
  • College-educated professionals who will work in your time zone.
  • Skilled with experiences desired by your organization.
  • Extensively screened and vetted through MyOutDesk.
  • Interviewed by your organization prior to being hired.
What will a MOD Virtual Professional bring to my team?

MOD Virtual Professionals will be a dedicated team members and trained by your organization. Since certain tasks and responsibilities can be distracting and preventing your team from focusing on more important work, they will be assigned to focus on a particular need within administrative duties, sales, communications, or another function. In short, the virtual assistant will specialize in specific business needs and save the team’s time and energy for their own projects.

Our virtual professionals, serving MyOutDesk’s 7500 clients, are responsible for phone calls, emails, paperwork, data, appointments, social media, IT, data maintenance, and much more — specific to the client’s industry.

For example, in sales, a MOD Virtual Professional would make appointments and handle prospecting calls for the entire day. In marketing, they would learn your company’s brand and voice to support with email campaigns and a full-time social media presence. For the reception, they would answer all incoming calls, book meetings, and triage the caller’s request. Once your hired virtual assistant is fully onboarded and equipped, expect to see overall increased productivity and improved results in your team.

Preparing for a MOD Virtual Professional & A Blended Organizational Model

In today’s global economy, many companies are leveraging talent between both physical and remote employees. Small- and mid-sized businesses increasingly have remote workers. This means businesses are adopting a blended organizational model. Most top US corporations developed a blended model over the last five decades.

To prepare — when your organization hires a MOD Virtual Professional, they will need to be onboarded and trained like any other employee. At the same time, the team will determine and adapt to best practices, technological tools, and procedures for training a strong blended team.

MyOutDesk offers training materials and resources that will help prepare you to interact successfully with a virtual team member. We equip all clients with a service portal, a dedicated account manager, and a virtual solutions trainer.


Hiring a MOD Virtual Professional means that your organization is ready to increase its capacity, impact, and overall performance. The MyOutDesk team is excited to support you and the success of your team. Feel free to contact your main contact at MyOutDesk with any questions and to discuss any next steps.

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