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The CEO Life Hack: 4-Hour Workweeks

In the past, the idea of a 4-hour workweek is considered a myth, especially for CEOs. However, we talk about making it a reality with the importance of delegation through leveraging virtual assistants, prioritization, and using technology to work smarter.

Dan Trujillo
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People love coming up with innovative, experimental ways of making our lives more impactful while also easier. They often refer to these tips and tricks as “life hacks”. One such life hack is the concept of a 4-hour workweek. The idea of working just 4 hours a week is not as fantastical as it sounds. Such an arrangement can be quite possible if you’re willing to make a few key changes to your lifestyle. What are the benefits of this type of work arrangement? And how can you achieve it for yourself? Read on to find out!

What is the science behind the 4-hour workweek?

Working less than 5 days in a row has been proven to have significant benefits for creativity and productivity, among other things. The fact that you won’t burn completely out on a short workweek is scientifically proven. This is one of the reasons why this time-saving strategy has become so popular in recent years.

Here are just some benefits of a 4-hour workweek:

Increased productivity

A four-hour workweek’s duration gives you just enough time to finish everyday tasks but little enough time to overthink them. When you have sufficient time for processing your tasks, your performance will be noticeably better. Much better than if you rush through them in a hectic environment. This will allow you to get more done per hour.


The more you can accomplish in a day, the better. With more done in less time, a short workweek also allows you to concentrate on creative work for longer periods of time than usual. According to studies conducted by psychologists, staying up late at night for long working sessions can have beneficial effects on your creativity.


If you’re working longer hours, it’s normal to think that you’ll be more innovative in those hours. This is simply not the case. When you work fewer hours but are more productive, your ideas can flow for longer periods of time without interruption. That means that when you do think of something creative, it gets thought through much quicker. Also, you don’t have the urge to interrupt your train of thought with other tasks. Creativity is best when uninterrupted and this type of schedule allows for that.


When people are less stressed at work, they’re happier at home. This is because they have more time to spend with their families and on their own hobbies. Studies have shown that those who work less than 40 hours a week are less likely to experience psychological problems.

How can CEOs achieve the 4-hour workweek without comprising the business?

It’s simple, with virtual assistants. Don’t field emails, take calls, and do data entry. Instead, you can focus on giving your business more attention and spend more time with your family. Virtual assistants make this possible today.

With virtual assistants, CEOs can really have a 4-hour workweek

Virtual assistants are the key to working less in your business so that you can accomplish more in less time. There are many types of tasks that come up throughout a typical day for business owners. The other great benefit of having virtual assistants is that they can perform these tasks for less money than skipping them altogether. You can finally have the freedom to focus only on what’s most important in your business. Virtual assistants make it easier to find new (and cheaper) ways to grow business.

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Dan Trujillo

Dan Trujillo

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