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It’s A Sellers Market

Once upon a time, our CEO Daniel Ramsey had a great talk with the founder of Curaytor; Chris Smith. Curaytor is a website platform that turns listing agents into rockstars by giving them the kind of marketing assets needed to survive in today’s wild real estate market. You may have noticed the prices of homes are going up all over the place.  While some call it a bubble, various experts think it’s a new chapter that’ll last longer than you might expect. As the value of the average home goes up, buyers will typically fall into one of two categories; hesitant to buy because pricetags are daunting, or anxious to buy because investments are smart. And sellers? Well, they always just want to sell! And Curaytor is the secret real estate weapon for agents trying to connect with those sellers.

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“I’m gonna teach you how to be better at marketing, and sales”

Chris is one of the top real estate influencers in the industry and a true expert in real estate conversions. He’s worked for two billionaires (Dan Gilbert and Lou Pearlman), a near billion-dollar publicly-traded company (Move Inc.), and a startup (DotLoop) that was acquired for $108 million (by Zillow Group). Suffice to say, Chris is very experienced and highly skilled. That expertise translates over into his marketing platform built specifically for listing agents. The curated, easy, and professional experience helps agents convey their own expertise in the most attractive way possible. Prospective sellers won’t be able to resist a listing agent after getting the Curaytor facelift.


Talk Is Cheap, Proof is Priceless

Fun fact: Chris used his vast experience as the foundation with which he built Curaytor, without any venture capital raised, and was able to reach nearly $15 million in revenue per year. His hard work has been featured in the likes of Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune, and The Huffington Post. If that isn’t enough to convince you that Chris and Curaytor are worth all the hype, check out our boss interviewing him here. They talk about his real estate, marketing, and corporate experience, as well as great insight on lead generation and conversion.

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“There is a science to the sale. The way you present, and how you pitch.”


Bottom line; Curaytor is a listing agent’s best friend by helping them sell more homes and look great doing it. But don’t take my word for it; check out the webinar recording and learn(for free!) how you can apply his lessons to your own experience growing and scaling the real estate business. If you want to see what the MyOutDesk hype is all about, after that video, follow the link to learn more.


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