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The Digital Transformation of Real Estate: Qualia and MyOutDesk

Discover the future of real estate's digital transformation with Qualia, the game-changing, cloud-based solution that's integrating seamlessly with industry-standard apps and tools. Dive into its capabilities and learn how our rigorously vetted Virtual Assistants (VAs) master and optimize this platform to revolutionize the home buying/selling process for you. Marry Qualia's innovative prowess with the efficiency of MyOutDesk VAs and unlock the ultimate formula for business growth and streamlined operations.

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Welcome back to our monthly industry-technology article, where we highlight the tech that our customers use. It’s a great opportunity to see what software and applications are being used by companies in conjunction with our virtual assistants. Every business has its own processes they’re accustomed to and prefer. So it’s important to feel confident that any virtual assistant they bring on board will be able to hit the ground running with minimal need for training. This is the tech you use, and it’s the tech we can use for you.

Powering Real Estate’s Digital Transformation

This month we’re highlighting a very robust and integrated cloud-based product called Qualia. It’s currently the number one rated closing software for the real estate industry. Their big hook is offering a secure buying, selling, and borrowing experience. It’s a flexible platform that can fit the needs of real estate professionals across various roles. In fact, over 500,000 real estate and mortgage companies use this product to improve the entire home buying/selling experience for not just their clients, but their employees as well. Any software that your team can use to streamline, organize and protect a process as sensitive as real estate, is invaluable to a company trying to grow. Just like how our VAs(virtual assistants) have proven invaluable to companies on that same path to success! Apparently, their users report a 75% reduction in workload since joining. Not unlike how our own VAs have saved our clients unprecedented time and money. Wouldn’t you say that all sounds worth looking into?

What does Qualia do?

To put it in technical terms, Qualia is a suite of cloud-based title, escrow, and eClosing products. They boast of bringing simplicity, consistency, and transparency to the complex closing process. Everything that’s necessary to further streamline the workflow for professionals in various roles, is a part of what they offer. They believe that technology will play a key role in restoring healthy homeownership to the US. Buying a home is often seen as complicated, confusing, and stressful. They aim to change that by bringing efficiency and transparency to what is the largest purchase the average American will ever make. Similar to how MOD(MyOutDesk) is changing the way businesses hire professionals. By making the experience less stressful and more beneficial for everyone involved.

Integrated With What We Already Know

An important part of any professional software is its available integrations. There are so many different applications and services that do very specific things, and no one service can literally do it all on its own. Even if one could, many of us are so set in our existing ways that the idea of jumping ship to something new is just out of the question. So the next best thing is finding a service that does its own things great while integrating with the other guys who do everything else. This just makes everyone’s jobs easier, which in turn makes their lives easier. It also bodes well for the reliability of an unfamiliar product, when you see your trusted brands entrusting this product themselves.

Qualia integrates with industry-leading third-party title and escrow products, services, and vendors to streamline the workflow. Convenience, reliability, and familiarity are important parts of any complex system used by serious professionals. MOD knows this, and those very points are a part of our own talent-matching services. They know this too, by offering a variety of integrations with the companies real estate professionals already know and trust. Here are a few examples.

  • Underwriters; Chicago Title, Fidelity, First National, CommonWealth, and many others.
  • Shipping; FedEx and UPS.
  • Property data; Google Maps, Black Knight, and DataTrace.
  • Title and Data; Charles Jones, First American, Title Wave, and several others.
  • and many other integrations for Municipal Lien Searches, Tax Searches, Release Tracking, and digital Signing Services.

In the Hands of Virtual Assistants

The real estate industry is a major client of our VAs. So it makes sense that they are well prepared to tackle any and all new technology relevant to the industry. All of the professionals we hire for our pool of available assistants go through a thorough and rigorous hiring process, to ensure they meet the standards our clients are accustomed to. Things like their experience in specific industries, education, certifications, and access to reliable internet and computer hardware are all vital to us. It helps us ensure that our remote working professionals are up to the standards we’ve always lived by for our clients, as well as helps us place them appropriately to the client’s needs. If your team has a trusted process in place already, our VAs can adapt in no time. 

Here are just a few examples of how Qualia fits into different areas of this industry. Our VAs are experienced professionals with the skills and drive to get you the most out of platforms like this one. 

  • Title and escrow companies; level up your internal operations, vendor relations, and client experiences.
  • Mortgage lenders; take the hassle out of your title closing work from order placement to post-closing.
  • PropTech and FinTech; build custom, on-brand, and modern closing experiences using Qualia’s flexible infrastructure.
  • Title insurers; get a modern title agency management and underwriter system all in one place.

Use Qualia? Use MyOutDesk

It’s no secret that our VAs save businesses time and money. Combine that with the workload reduction of software like this one and you’ve got a potent recipe for success. One of the major draws of this product is the all-digital, cloud-based nature of its service. Being able to use such a robust application from virtually anywhere is invaluable, especially in the fast-paced, on-the-go world of real estate. The same can be said for hiring professionals to save your business time and money. Delegating work that can be done remotely to proven VAs is especially invaluable in today’s turbulent job market and professional climate. If an all-inclusive software like Qualia can be used from anywhere, then the professional using it can be anywhere too. 

If you still have questions about how exactly our VAs excel at this kind of work, and why we are so confident that they don’t disappoint, then let’s talk. This article should have painted a pretty clear picture of how our industry-leading professionals can utilize your favorite software. And they can do it just as well as anyone locally but at a fraction of the cost. Save time, save money, and save yourself.

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Dan Trujillo

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Dan, based in Sacramento, California, has over 5 years of experience copywriting for the virtual assistant industry. He produces content for social media, blogs, case studies, and publications with MyOutDesk.

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