The Great Resignation Continues – Virtual Assistants Key To 2022

By: Dan Trujillo | Updated: January 5, 2022

Key Takeaway

The "Great Resignation" trend is continuing into 2022, with many employees leaving their jobs for better opportunities. Leaders should consider hiring virtual assistants (VAs) to fill gaps in their workforce: VAs can provide cost-effective support and help with tasks such as administrative work, customer service, and sales.

We’ve talked about “The Great Resignation” mere months ago. Unfortunately(or fortunately depending on how you look at it) this mass exodus of workers is still ongoing. Record numbers of US workers were still leaving their positions in the final months of 2021. Pressure is increasing for employers to respond appropriately, adapt, and survive during one of the most volatile periods of professionalism we’ve ever seen. Everything is “unprecedented” these days; from supply shortages to political controversy, and now the stability of our own labor force. How is your company faring during all of this? Maybe you’re here because you seek valuable insight into this dilemma. Or maybe you’re not quite affected, yet. But is your workforce a ticking time bomb? Businesses already integrating virtual professionals into their team as remote support are future-proofing themselves. 

Check The Facts

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a record 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs last November 2021. This pushed the quit rates to 3%, matching the high from last September. When layoffs and terminations are also accounted for, the total number of separations in November goes up to 6.3 million. That’s a lot of people suddenly without a job, meaning a lot of jobs suddenly empty and available. Low-wage sectors most affected by the pandemic continued to see the most resignations. Industries like hospitality, health care, warehousing, and utilities were most affected. Lots of the positions abandoned could still be filled by remote workers. Which is leading a lot of businesses to companies like ours.


When the workforce here in the states is unreliable, disappointing, and difficult, why not turn to outside the states? That’s what so many other businesses have been doing long before the pandemic, hence why MyOutDesk has been one of the top providers for so long now. With the current state of things in the professional world, more and more companies are turning to us for help. We provide hard workers who want to work. We also make sure they’re compensated competitively so that they continue to want to work with us. And for you! These are people with almost identical experience, education, and skills as you’ll find anywhere in the states. They just happen to be overseas in one of the most English-speaking countries outside of the US. They’re unaffected by the drama, hype, or trending motives of a frustrated American workforce. They just want to work hard, and be well compensated and cared for while doing so. We take care of the latter 2, you provide them the hard work part.

Are you ready for what’s next?

Will this “great resignation” trend continue through 2022? Experts think it just might, as the growing frustration with the general population about wages not matching the cost of living isn’t exactly slowing down. Heidi Shierholz, chief economist at the Economic Policy Institute said in a tweet; “People who are quitting are taking other jobs, not just leaving the workforce”. This points to a more complex reason for abandoning their jobs than just “I don’t want to work!”. More and more people desire competitive wages, healthier environments, safer conditions, and more respect. All things we at MyOutDesk have already been providing our virtual professionals for years. Because we already knew that the key to keeping your best and most valuable workers is by making them know they’re your best and most valuable workers. 


According to data, America had 10.6 million job openings in November. A lot of those positions were an increase in finance insurance and federal government roles. Meaning a lot of those are ripe for a virtual professional like ours. The not-so-secret ingredient to surviving this great resignation includes a dash of MyOutDesk virtual professionals. Any roles that can be done remotely can be outsourced to one of our experienced professionals. In return, you get the same caliber of employee as you would locally, but for less out of pocket. We handle benefits, insurance, raises, etc. Thus freeing you up to focus more resources on your local employees, to drive up morale. Keep them happy, and you just keep them. Period. Our success is your success. 

Where We Factor In

So if you’re curious at all about how we can help you keep your team happy and loyal, while saving money in the process, just click the link below to request a free consultation. One of our experts will hear you out, one-on-one. Then pitch you a plan to solve your needs. From there, you can give it a shot or think about it more. No pressure, no obligation. Either way, we’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this. So reach out! 

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