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The internet has made it easier than ever to be your own boss. If you’re looking for an alternative career path, this article is for you. There are no more excuses for not managing your own tasks and projects. Whether you’re in the online marketing sphere, want to work from home while still getting the benefits of being on-site, or have experience managing remote staff in a different capacity, there’s a company out there waiting to have you as their remote employee! Remote work can be done from anywhere in the world and doesn’t have any major requirements that would stop someone from starting their career as a remote worker.



What business was like before virtual assistants (crazy busy!)

Businesses before hiring virtual assistants commonly faced the following with their teams:

1. Scaling was a real challenge, especially when the business was growing at an exponential rate.
2. Individual employees lacked focus and worked on multiple projects, wasting a lot of time. This led to delays in delivery time and high costs.
3. Communication and workflow was inefficient due to a lack of experienced individuals having to take care of all the administrative tasks manually leading to slow progress in growth for the business
4. Employees were not motivated to work because of their inability to advance professionally hence affecting their morale levels which again affected productivity adversely
5. Too much at once — there were multiple issues that were not being dealt with and proactively addressed leading to poor productivity as a result.
6. Poor communication within the team leading to lost time, inefficient job assignments, and delays in delivery.
7. Lack of predictable time for deliverables among the employees leading to low morale levels, slow progress, and sunk costs due to overspending on the wrong projects
8. Employees had a different skill set that was not being leveraged (more pressing priorities), resulting in waste of resources which again lead to lower morale and productivity levels with no ROI for the business.

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What business was like after virtual assistants (crazy efficient!):

Yikes, the list of reasons why this is a good thing is huge.

1. Hiring virtual assistants helped businesses scale up easily without issues and delays due to not being able to hire the right kind of people or having to do too much training for them.
2. Local employees’ higher focus on projects & assistants’ constant tasks completion led to more predictable delivery times, saving precious time for businesses from their side as well as the client’s side in line with project delivery dates.
3. Due to this new time freedom, employees become more motivated and hence have a higher level of productivity.
4. Tailor-made job assignments mean no longer stressed out over what to do next causing lower levels of employee absenteeism which lead to great ROI for the business
5. Involvement of virtual assistants resulted in an increase in sales and customer acquisition but also meant that the business was reaching out to a wider client base as a result of that which also meant more revenue.
6. Involvement of virtual assistants resulted in better consistency which meant businesses worked more efficiently day-to-day allowing them to achieve greater ROI by getting more done with less overhead costs.
7. Greater focus on “Making a difference” rather than “Just getting by” led to higher morale levels as well as spending less money on team building activities etc, again boosting ROI for the business.
8. Better defined process flow between the business and the employees led to less wastage of time in meetings so that more time was spent on the important projects giving way to a better ROI for business in line with project timelines.

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How Remote Work, well, works!

Obviously, as a manager of remote workers, a few adjustments were made. For one thing, it can be hard to stay in touch with employees who work remotely — to compensate for this lack of physical proximity, we rely on a variety of different tools to stay on the same page as each other:

  • Weekly meetings where we sync up face-to-face using Zoom or Google Hangouts.
  • Documentation for tasks and milestones in project management software like Trello or Asana.
  • Regular communication via email and project management software.

The tools that are mentioned above have all proven themselves to be helpful in different situations, but for the most part, we rely on these three: weekly calls, project management software, and email.

Every Friday, we have a weekly meeting where all of our employees join in on a call. We use this time to discuss what everyone’s working on, make sure everyone has gone over their weekly goals and is still headed in the right direction with their work, and check in as a team. During the call, we also take time to go over what we were working on the week before and what our plans are for that week. This meeting allows us to stay in touch but also makes sure that everyone is aligned with where they’re supposed to be headed. If an employee is falling behind or struggling with a task, this meeting gives us a chance to handle it right then and there.

In summary, virtual assistants transformed businesses on a global scale. They are helpful, dedicated, and very smart. There are many skills required when one is dealing with such individuals. Many competitive businesses experience bottom-line success when managing them!

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Things To Consider

Since not all virtual assistant providers are created equal, entrepreneurs & CEOs need to consider the right type of provider that would best serve their needs.

When you keep a growth mindset as a business professional, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to fix things and reap the benefits – and only a select few VA servicers can help strategize with you.

We specialize in:

  • marketing & sales development
  • general admin assistance & customer support
  • accounting & collection
  • prospecting & cold calling




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