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Most people are not good at social media management. That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth! While managing a brand’s social media presence may not be as dramatic as conducting brain surgery, both are not for the faint of heart. The profession of a social media manager is one that requires a diverse but specific skill set to truly excel. We at MyOutDesk understand that and apply appropriate expectations when hiring virtual assistants with a social media focus. Because there is more to it than just posting cute pictures and giving a thumbs up to someone’s comment. Don’t worry though; we’re gonna go over the essential skills any social media manager needs right here. So if you’re an aspiring manager yourself, or someone in need of one and you’re considering a virtual professional, read on!

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  1. Be able to write

    1. This should be an obvious one, but it isn’t always for everyone. If you’re going to be managing content on social media, then you need to be a competent writer. Anything from a short photo caption, to the hook on a link you shared, needs to be professionally written, and true to the content. Sometimes you’ll just be writing two sentences for an Instagram photo, other times you’ll be writing a paragraph introduction for a video you’re sharing on Facebook. And that’s just the fun stuff! Keep in mind social media management also means writing serious stuff when necessary, like an important company update for example. So hone those writing skills!
  2. Know how to communicate

    1. This might sound like it goes with being able to write, but it’s actually something else entirely. It’s one thing to be able to write professionally, but it’s an entirely different challenge to know how to talk to a specific audience. Not to mention while maintaining the voice of the brand you represent. You can’t just type things out as you would on your own page; you have to emulate the voice/style of your company. Is it a casual, hip start-up in the food industry? Or is it an important, established financial service? The same cadence, slang use, and length of content won’t apply for both. You need to be able to talk how someone else would to a very specific group of people.
  3. Be creative

    1. You’ve got to differentiate yourself from other brands. How much is dependent on what your business is trying to accomplish. There is a fine line between fitting in with the target industry and standing out enough so as to not get lost in the shuffle. In order to walk that line, you’ve got to be creative. Sometimes you’ll need to take something that is tried and true and refresh it in your own way. Other times you’ll be finding whole news to get the attention of your audience, and then continue being creative to keep it. 
  4. Get efficient about being organized

    1. An efficient social media manager isn’t sitting there juggling apps, posting back to back manually. They use a 3rd party service to consolidate their social media logins and automate their scheduled content. Sure, sometimes you need to post on the fly; like if something unexpected happens at your company and you need to get ahead of it, or maybe you just get a great idea and want to capitalize on the moment. But more often than not, you’ll be preparing content with a team and scheduling it out ahead of time. There are many services out there, paid and free, which give you the tools you need to accomplish this. Map out content, create it, prepare it, schedule it, and track its performance. The more organized you are, the more efficient you’ll be.
  5. Service The Customer

    1. Never forget that you’re directly communicating with prospective customers and current customers. This means you have to be on your best customer service behavior as if you were on the frontlines of tech support. You can be funny, clever, and informative, but you also need to be tactful and professional. A lot of people often go directly to a companies Facebook page to ask a question, despite having other more direct avenues. They may ask a bad question or make a frustrating statement, and it’ll be your job to defuse, redirect, or explain. You’re in a very public-facing role for the company, so act accordingly.
  6. Network and Make Connections

    1. Being an active entity on social media doesn’t just mean sharing content and reply to comments with heart eyes. It also means connecting with other companies on the same platforms. As you gain a following and become more “reputable”, you should be DMing(direct messaging) other businesses to see how you can help one another. Cross promotions, guest takeovers, shoutouts, etc all serve to help every party involved. It also reaffirms with customers that you’re the real deal. Slide into those DMs!
  7. Stay Alert, Be Aware

    1. One tweet can make or break an entire business. That’s why it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of not just pop culture, but things like politics and social issues. You shouldn’t necessarily be posting your opinions on those topics, as that can get messy. But you also shouldn’t always stay quiet. There may be times when something is going on in the world that is relevant to your business and/or your customer base. You may want to make a statement in support or opposition of something, but you also need to word it carefully. So stay aware of what’s going on beyond your direct business, and try not to get canceled.

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Now You’re a Social Media Pro

There you have it; seven essential tips any serious social media manager should know by heart. We at MyOutDesk know things like this, therefor when we hire a virtual assistant to fill a social media-related role, we expect them to know these things as well. Because when a business comes to us looking for help managing their social media presence, we make sure we assign a virtual professional fit for the job. That’s how we approach every professional we employ, regardless of role. From administrative duties and answering phones to billing and sales. We hire the best so we can provide the best. If you’re curious how one of our virtual assistants might help you scale your business, reach out via the link below. We’re happy to schedule a free consultation and assess how we might be able to solve your problems. 


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