The healthcare industry has been undoubtedly affected by world events in numerous ways. But to be fair, a lot of the issues this industry faces have always been there.  After doing some homework of our own, three particular areas seem to be major pain points in this industry. So we wanted to take the time to point out how one missing puzzle piece in the healthcare equation can effectively “cure” all of that pain. That piece is a virtual assistant, and we’re going to break down how and why. While this article is for healthcare professionals and business owners, the lessons within apply to many different businesses. Specifically, those who are ready to try something different to grow their business but also want a high chance of success. Because nowadays more than ever, time is money. And MyOutDesk is not in the business of wasting anyone’s time; we’re in the business of saving you time(and money while we’re at it). Let’s go over exactly how we do that.

Wasting time & energy?

There are many tasks a qualified professional can confidently perform remotely. A big one is general administrative tasks, like data entry, document review, scheduling, email/calendar management; the list goes on.  All of those listed items tend to add up and bog down an otherwise productive and effective team. But letting that happen to your local staff is unnecessary when you could outsource those tasks to someone somewhere else. Someone just as experienced, skilled, and capable as anyone locally. Someone familiar with industry applications like Behaviorsoft, for example. And at up to 70% less cost! Because our virtual assistants are all based out of the Philippines; one of the most English-speaking places in the world. Not to mention a treasure trove of hardworking professionals anxious for steady, consistent work. Why waste your time and your energy juggling a bunch of tasks that take you away from more high-level, dollar-generating duties? You need to focus on that stuff, the stuff that only you and your loyal team can do. Let our virtual assistants handle the just as important but less exciting tasks everyone else dreads.

Benefiting roles: Patient Service Representative, Director of Credentials, Document Specialist, Billing/Accounting Specialist, Administrative Assistant

Poor client experience?

Are you tired of getting negative feedback about your client experience? Have you pinpointed what exactly is leaving more to be desired? Perhaps it’s the slow application process, inconsistent appointment scheduling, or even the speed at which you process incoming leads. Someone somewhere in your equation is not getting the fast, accurate service people have come to expect these days. With tech companies offering white-glove quality service to wow and retain customers, a healthcare company has to be at least on par. If your local team is feeling overwhelmed and stressed juggling duties, this is another instance when a remote working virtual professional can step in to lighten the load. By alleviating pressure from the person handling these tasks, you give them more room to provide the highest quality of customer service possible. Does your company use Klara? That’s just an example of a system for healthcare companies that our virtual assistants can manage in your name, to improve the client experience. 

Benefiting roles: Recruitment Specialist, Virtual Patient Service Representative, Profile Coordinator, Technical Support

Employee attrition?

We’ve talked about the “great resignation” in recent articles. It’s a very real problem facing numerous industries as of late. Professionals are leaving companies for greener pastures or trying to start their own businesses. The standards for what professionals expect nowadays are only rising, and employers need to work a bit harder to keep up. That is if they want to solve their employee retention problems. Some ways of doing so; lighten the workload so they feel less stressed, and increase pay/benefits. These two answers are surefire fixes, even if implementing them is easier said than done. You can accomplish both, however, with the help of a virtual assistant. By outsourcing tasks to a reliable, experienced virtual assistant you effectively remove pressure from your local staff. In doing so you also save money, which can be reallocated where you see fit. Like, a cost of living adjustment, improved benefits, or regular bonuses. You’ll probably even have some cash leftover for something else, like upgrading your marketing efforts. Our virtual professionals long for the opportunity and work hard to prove it. Meanwhile, your local staff appreciates not having the weight of the world on their shoulders, coupled with a bit of extra cash in their hands.  It’s a win/win.

Benefitting roles: Director of Recruitment, Human Resources, and virtually everyone else!


It may sound like hyperbole to say that virtual assistants can solve numerous problems all at once. Well, MyOutDesk has been providing virtual assistants to businesses in various stages of development since 2008. Long before it was “cool” to outsource and work remotely. We have testimonies from clients who saved literally hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. And while being able to actually hire more local talent and keep them around too. All because they outsourced one or more tasks to virtual assistants we helped match them up with. Our mission is to empower businesses to scale and grow in cost-effective ways while remaining true to their own mission and sustaining it indefinitely. Our success is literally your success, which is why we don’t mess around with this stuff. We tell it like it is, and we’d love to tell you personally.

Let’s Talk Help

So if you’re at all interested in how a virtual assistant could help your business, do use the link at the bottom of this blog, or anywhere on our website, to request a consultation. Our experts like to hear you out first, and understand your needs, wants, and concerns. Then, we pitch a plan to address all of them. It’s not always the right fit, but it’s always worth your time. So reach out and let’s have a chat. Because we’d love to help. Thanks for listening!

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