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MyOutDesk is a “pain relief” treatment for any growing business. Whether it’s a small start-up trying to find its way, an established enterprise that never stops growing, or anything in between. You’ve got pressure points that need relief, regardless of your revenue trajectory. It’s not hard to imagine your business like the human body; when it’s young and smaller it’s spry, flexible, and resilient. The young body can take a beating and bounce back, pivot, and try new things. But as we get older, the body becomes a lot more “high maintenance”. Keeping things running smooth and pain-free becomes more demanding and requires a lot more thought and consideration. 

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Growing Pains

Here are a few examples of common growing pains any business can and does experience, with testimonies from clients who tried our “treatment”…


  • The sales team can’t keep up 
    • “MyOutDesk has really revolutionized our business. We’d generate leads, hand them off to our sales associates We needed a better way to use the time our sales associates were spending to get these leads ready to go out on tour. I can’t tell you how many hours you’ve saved for our team.” – Boots Levinson, RentPhilly
  • Time management needs more managing
    • “MyOutDesk has freed up my life! People say that time is money, but time is so much more valuable than money – and with MyOutDesk I’ve been able to get my time back and my life back. I’m spending less time working and making more money.” – Knolly Williams, The Knolly
  • Lead generation is lackluster
    • “Working with MyOutDesk has really been a dream. It has allowed me to cost-effectively outsource the prospecting part of my business. The investment is nothing compared to the return I am getting from listings, opportunities, and brand exposure they provide me.” – Adam Kruse, Hermann London Realtors
  • You’re chasing, not attracting
    • “It was frustrating back when we were scaling Boomtown, trying to find the right people & delegate to break through the ceiling. Many of my customers have that problem also. There’s a lot that goes into finding the right talent, and MyOutDesk does a fantastic job of that for its customers.” – Grier Allen, BoomTown
  • Always playing catch-up
    • “I get 250 emails a day, so one of the first things I set my VA up to do is scrub my inbox. Now she maintains my trend report, my success spreadsheet, she’s doing transaction management for us along with web design & general marketing. We’re having phenomenal results.” – Ken Wimberly, Net Lease Advisors


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How MyOutDesk helps in the case of any growing business is by providing nutrients in the form of virtual professionals. These aren’t your typical “virtual assistants”, and that’s why we don’t call them that. Our VP’s are handpicked for their existing, natural talents and skillsets. Because training someone to be an expert is often a job in itself, we aim to pick people who are already experts. This drastically decreases the “on-boarding” time required to get them up to speed and ready to add value to your business. We work with you to pick the best VP for your needs, then “inject” them into your workflow and watch the pain relief take effect almost immediately. 


Our VP’s target and relieve your business growing pains by handling the things you shouldn’t be worrying about. Your higher-tier staff should be focused on big-ticket action items, and you(the boss) should only be focused on what you want. Let our VP’s handle the overflowing, busy but equally important work that you used to squeeze into your daily hustle. This frees you up to focus on bigger things only you should be handling or frees you up to simply kick back and watch your business work for you. 


Our virtual professionals can seamlessly dig in and relieve many different pressure points of your business. Such as administrative duties, inside sales, customer service and technical support, and even an assortment of marketing needs. There is almost nothing they can’t “cure” for your business as it expands, requiring additional care to match its expanding success. And all of this is achieved while simultaneously minimizing costs! 

[Considering a Virtual Assistant?]



No one offers the kind of high-grade talent at the competitive prices we do. We’re able to achieve this by hiring a lot of our VP’s overseas, in places that offer the kind of assurances and flexibility necessary to provide the level of service we want at the price you want. All of our VP’s are fluent English speakers, with tech-savvy backgrounds and access to reliable internet. Not to mention by having our workforce spread across multiple countries we’re able to provide service around the clock, 7 days a week. And rest assured, we treat all of our VP’s, local or foreign, with the same professional respect and care to keep them happy and supported. Because a happy worker is a hard worker.


And that all is just the tip of the iceberg here at MyOutDesk. If the service we provided via these Virtual Professionals truly was a pain relief medication, we’d have it patented and sold in high doses so that no growing business ever had to ache again. We pride ourselves in being the doctor in this analogy and love seeing our patients(customers) go on living stress-free, successful lives with their healthy growing business. So if you or someone you know is experiencing anything like the business growing pains discussed above, follow the link to learn more and request a free consultation. Our professionals are standing by!


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