The Top Virtual Assistant Companies

By: Louie Z. Sawyer | Updated: June 29, 2021
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Are you looking at virtual assistant companies? Well, you’re making a wise move. Did you know it is three times less expensive to hire a virtual assistant than a full-time employee? And you can save almost 78% on operating costs!

Virtual assistant services can transform the way your company does business, even allowing you to save on recruitment and training!

Hiring a full-time employee is traditionally a hugely time-consuming task, but now it doesn’t have to be.

Do you need a virtual assistant but aren’t sure where to look? Keep reading to learn all about virtual assistants and the best virtual assistant companies out there!

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Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant is a person who works remotely for their clients, usually from a home office. The best thing about a virtual assistant service is you can use them only when you need to.

A great virtual assistant company will take the time to match you with a virtual assistant that lines up with your work style and personality.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Other incredible reasons to hire a virtual assistant include:

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to test out and see who fits. Everyone has different working styles and personalities.

A virtual assistant makes your life easier. Virtual assistance can help you manage your social media pages and your website, increasing your presence online.

A virtual assistant saves you time and money. If you have a big project in the works, you can hire an assistant temporarily to help you get it off the ground.

Also, virtual assistants are self-employed, so they cover their costs. Costs for laptops, vacation days, health insurance, and office space are now a thing of the past!

The biggest reason is it gives you more time for a personal life. Growing a business takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. A vacation day or two can restart your engine and allow your creativity to flow.

Now you know a little more about virtual assistant services, let’s get into the list of the top companies out there!


MyOutDesk is in Sacramento, California, founded in 2008. Its mission is to provide businesses leverage by providing virtual professionals.

MyOutDesk offers virtual receptionists, administrative assistants, executive assistant services, and more. MyOutDesk is a cost-effective solution, and they hire college-educated virtual assistant candidates.

MyOutDesk will take the time to understand your business and help map out where you want to be in the next year to five years!

MyOutDesk offers three flexible plans starting from three to twelve months. The most popular and best bang for your buck is the twelve-month plan.

You can choose the middle of the road and go with their 6-month plan or try out their most flexible program for three months.

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Remote CoWorker

Remote CoWorker is a team of experts with a mission to match you with your project’s most appropriate virtual professional. Remote CoWorker offers customer management, sales, development, marketing, and data entry services.

Remote CoWorker offers different plans to fit your needs and budget. If you have a small team and want to test out their services, you can go with the part-time starter package.

This package includes background checks, account management, and onboarding support services. They also offer bilingual services for English and Spanish.


OkayRelax is a task-based virtual assistant company located in Florida. OkayRelax offers a personal, dedicated assistant to work with you on all your tasks, so there is no need to work with different people each time.

OkayRlax can help with research, restaurant reservations, administrative task, travel planning, and schedule management.

Plans start from 5 tasks a month, to a professional level at 25 tasks a month, and finally an executive level with 100 jobs a month.

OkayRelax offers services worldwide, but they are only available in English. There is no contract required so that you can cancel anytime.


MyTasker offers virtual administrative assistants to look after your business 24/7. Administrative assistants at MyTasker can help you with eCommerce, email, data, and customer information management.

MyTasker can also help with the research and documentation you need for presentations in your industry of choice.

You can also get assistance with general services like:

  • Call management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Google Drive organization
  • Planning meetings
  • Technical troubleshooting

Their subscription plans range from 10 hours a month to a full 30 days a month. MyTasker also has an option for a full-time virtual employee five days a week for the hours you choose.

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Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant company located in the United States for English-speaking clients only.

Fancy Hands will perform any service that does not require them to go somewhere physically. It may seem obvious, but worth noting that the task requested must not be against the law.

They also can offer larger-scale support with custom workflow lead management and research and data collection.

Fancy Hands can also:

Handle time-sensitive tasks for when you’re in a rush, and make purchases of up to $200 for you with the credit card on file. Not to mention, they can find a doctor or other services in your area.

Making reservations and appointments, scheduling conference calls, and researching a blog post are other amenities they offer.

Plans range from small at three requests to extra large for 30 proposals in a month.

Virtual Assistant Companies

Remember, not all virtual assistant companies are created equal. MyOutDesk is one of the best virtual assistant companies around.

MyOutDesk is American-owned and located in Sacramento, California. We have an extensive screening process and background checks to make sure our virtual assistants are top-notch.

So why wait any longer? Make sure to contact us today to start growing your business!