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As the number of coronaviruses (COVID-19) cases continues to climb worldwide, MyOutDesk would like to express our concern for the health and safety of our MOD Family – including our valued clients, our virtual assistants, and their families. We want you to know that we’re here to support you & offer our assistance during this emerging health crisis, and to that effect, we’re providing some useful resources below:

Templates for Communicating COVID-19 to Your Employees

For our clients & other business owners, we’d like to encourage your active preparedness, and so to make things easier, we want to give some guidance templates for your business to distribute to employees.

MyOutDesk is actively distributing guidance documents for our employees, which we’ve turned into templates for our clients & business owners to prepare for your organizations.

Download the two email templates (.doc format)

Economic Impact Predictions & Estimates

We were honored to attend a Goldman-Sachs executive presentation this AM on the potential business & economic impacts posed by the COVID-19, which we have recorded for you in this MP3 file below:

Download the Goldman-Sachs MP3 recording

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Tracking Portal

The CSSE portal at Johns Hopkins University has been tracking cases of the COVID-19 outbreak and displaying the information rapidly, typically as fast as it is reported by various regional health authorities.

Visit the COVID-19 Global Cases Portal by Johns Hopkins CSSE

McKinsey COVID-19 Fact & Insight Overview

Finally, we have received a copy of a new fact sheet on COVID-19 published this week by McKinsey & Company, which provides an executive summary of the COVID-19 virus impact, as well as detailed statistics and information on the spread of this virus.

View the McKinsey COVID-19 Study (PDF)

Staying Safe While Keeping Business Afloat

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website recommends businesses actively encourage employees to stay home and/or to practice good hand hygiene and coughing/sneezing etiquette in the workplace.

Luckily, our Virtual Professionals are most optimally positioned to work remotely from their homes. We encourage your business to take advantage of and utilize the telework tools and systems that are in place with your Virtual Professional(s) should you need to expand remote work for your employees.

We pray that your team, families, and communities remain safe and healthy during this time of heightened concern.  If you want to learn more about remote & virtual solutions, schedule a Free Consultation Now.