You probably know that your Real Estate Website is essential. Most home searches occur online, and by the majority, we mean a whopping 94%. In fact, 96% of first-time homebuyers start their home search online. This is why you need to make sure that your website is maximizing all opportunities. In addition, you want to be sure that if someone visit’s your site, it makes enough of an impression for them to share their contact information and come back.

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So what makes a winning Real Estate Website? Here are some tips to make sure your website is at its best:

1. Make your content meaningful– Aside from your listings, make sure that your website has valuable information. You have a chance to prove your expertise in your area and community. Local content is what can set you apart from other home search sites because what you can offer is a personal touch. Produce content that highlights your area and community and talk about the best restaurants, school districts, local museums, beloved parks, and other specific and unique things to your area. Not only will this be a benefit to you and those perusing your site, but this will also definitely help bump you up in Search Engine Optimization or SEO since the new trend is all about organic content and building your audience through the quality of your content. Be an expert in your area about your community. Make your website more than an online brochure of the properties you have for sale. Give people value by telling them what you offer and why there is no better choice than you.

2. Form and Function– On the World Wide Web, looks are important. You want your website to be beautiful as well as functional. When you post your blogs, include some images every once in a while, choose a beautiful way to post your listings. Right off the bat, you want to make a good impression on anyone who visits your website. This not only gives the user a sense of how much you care, but it can also speak to your level of dedication and your attention to detail. Take a look at this list to get some inspiration:

3. Calls to Action– While people are browsing through your website, you want to encourage and remind them to share their contact information with you. Offer free reports or data compilations, offer free consultations, even run contests, offer a free comparable/sold report. Find ways to grab their attention and make them WANT to share their contact information with you because they want to hear back from you. For example, incorporate landing pages so it will be easy for them to enter their contact details.

4. Make your website your main hub– Social Media can be an amazing tool; in fact, we discussed the powers of Facebook before. Your Social Media platforms can be a great way to connect to more people but make sure that you always direct them to your website. Instead of creating independent content for your Social Media accounts, connect everything to your website, share your photos from your website, pin them on Pinterest, share properties via your website on Facebook, and tweet links to your latest blogs. You want to direct people to your website, so use social media to drive traffic towards it; use Social Media as an avenue to do so, and don’t spread out your social interaction; always drive towards your site.

5. Update often– To keep people coming back to your site, you want to keep producing content. For example, if you have a blog on your website (which you definitely should), create a regular schedule. Posting a new blog once a week is a good place to start. However, you can do many different things; for example, you can do a Vlog or Video log of different things happening in your neighborhood, do a photo walk, announce or discuss events that you are holding or that are happening in your neighborhood community. The possibilities are endless.

6. Know the competition– Take some time to look into other Real Estate Agents’ websites in your area. While doing so, find the answer to three important questions. 1. What are they doing that I can do better 2. What are they NOT doing that I can do? 3. What are we both doing that I can improve? This will help keep you on your toes and keep you aware of things that may not have been on your radar.

7. Be Prompt in Responding– If you have inquiries or information from people who have gone on your website and have decided to give you their contact information, make sure to respond with 12-24 hours; the sooner, the better. Reach out with an email or a text message; even a quick call would be great. Let them know that you appreciate that they reached out to you and use that as a jump-off point to start building a relationship with them. A quick response always sends a positive message.

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Virtual Office Needs Virtual Assistant

Look at your website as an extension of your office; it is the best way to reach many people from different places. The upkeep of a website can be challenging; it definitely takes a lot of time and dedication. A Marketing Virtual assistant would be a perfect answer to this. However, you can still be hands-on in the decision-making and in framing and building the kind of online presence you want and still focusing on all of the other important things you need to deal with.

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