It’s that time again! Time to wave goodbye to one year, and look forward to the next. So we thought it a good opportunity to pause and look back at the content that got the most traction. While these top 4(plus an honorable mention) blog posts of ours were popular, they still may have slipped through the cracks for some. So use this opportunity to take a look at some of the topics we talked about this year, that you and others found the most valuable. History tends to repeat itself, so there is a good chance some of these topics will reverberate into 2022. So why not read up now and enter the new year with some fresh insight! To be knowledgeable is to be prepared, right? 

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1. Virtual Assistant As a Real Estate ISA? It Works!


This article talked about why hiring a virtual assistant to fill your need for an inside sales agent is the smart move. Among all written details this blog included a video clip of our very own CEO Daniel Ramsey, talking to a top producer in the RE game, Wanda Smith. Because when you’re done taking our word for it, it’s good to hear it from someone who experienced the results first hand. This article might just open your eyes to a new sales strategy that is growing fast in the business world.


2. VS Zillow: A Comparison


This one was a very insightful comparison piece about the two big real estate websites; and Zillow. Looks like a lot of you wanted to know what the major differences between the two are. We talk here about the key differences and what they meant to different audiences; from agents/brokers to sellers and buyers. If you’re at all curious about which website is best for you, look no further than this blog post.


3. The Important Effects of Quality Hybrid Business Models


Hot topic alert! No surprise seeing a post like this show up in our top content, as the blended business model is a very relevant topic in the business world these days. We’ve talked at length, in multiple articles, about why and how the hybrid/blended model is so right for growing companies right now and going forward. This particular article is light on the fluff and more focused on giving you the information you need, and the bonus is it comes with graphics! Because who doesn’t like easy-to-digest visuals with their highly-informative bullet points?


4. The Great Dispersion of 2021: We’re Past Globalization and Digitization


That title is a mouthful! And for good reason, as the content within is still relevant today. This particular piece dropped at the beginning of 2021 and had the legs to stay going all year. Anytime global economic projections and technology predictions are discussed together, the successful people behind growing businesses take notice. This very informative piece talks about everything from remote work, increasing ROI and digital marketing. We could just change the date to 2022 and it’d still be a relevant and successful article! 


Honorable Mention:

10 Awesome Real Estate Memes


Ok, this blog may not have gotten the kind of traction a more serious piece got, but we all need to smile more right? Nothing helps you get through a stressful moment like a funny meme that you can painfully relate to! This article has 10 custom-made memes that will speak to the soul of anyone in the real estate business. Be they a buyer, seller, or professional in the industry. So before you dive into the 2022 hustle, take a look at these memes and have a laugh. Or at least do that thing where you blow air out of your nose. ;) 


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