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Real Estate lead generation is a competitive challenge that keeps evolving – so it’s no surprise that staying on top of the latest trends & techniques is crucial to your success! With the development of programs such as iBuyer and other innovations that seem to be popping up daily, finding steady lead sources in a seemingly saturated space can be a challenge for many Real Estate professionals.

The good thing about all these innovations, though, is that with the right kind of mindset and strategy, you can use these innovations to your advantage with a little bit of creativity and determination. So stay on top of the lead generation game and keep your pipeline flowing with a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant. Book a Double My Business Strategy Session today to find out how!

Here are some strategies you may not know about or have overlooked that you can utilize for your business:

1. Use Facebook Messenger Ads (and be quick to respond).  Facebook Messenger ads allow you to send information, offers, etc. To your leads who have already engaged with some of your content. What’s great about this is that you can directly message your audience and find an opening to have actual conversations with them. Starting a conversation and engaging your audience this way gives you a potential source for higher quality leads. Make sure that you respond to queries immediately.

2. Look into Divorce Leads. Earlier this year, we spoke with Laurel Starks, the nation’s leading expert in divorce Real Estate. She says that to this day, there is a huge need for realtors with knowledge on divorce proceedings and what it means for property owners going through them. So not only will you be tapping into a niche that will bring you a lot of business, but you will also be helping out people in difficult situations.

3. Use Text Marketing. Statistics show that text messages have a staggering 97% open rate compared to the 20% open rate of emails. Now we know you probably don’t have time to compose texts one-by-one and send them out individually, so look into automated SMS services that will allow you to mass text your database, handle responses, and put together reports and statistics. Hence, you know what’s working and what is not.

4. Become a master at cold calling. While others in your farm area relying solely on online leads to roll in, you should do what they aren’t doing, pick up the phone and make some calls. FSBOs are still one of the highest quality leads you can tap because they are ready and willing to sell. All you need to do is convince them that you should do it for them. All you’ll need is an awesome script, a list of FSBO leads, and a great attitude.

5. Share your expertise (or listings) with news outlets. Sometimes, all your properties need is a good pitch and some exposure. Find a way to share your listings on news outlets like websites or even a local newspaper. You can also look into outlets like HARO if you are an expert and have knowledge that is worth sharing. This not only gives you exposure but gives you legitimacy.

6. Build your business’ brand instead of a personal one. “But I am my business.”

Yes, this is probably true, and there is nothing wrong with building your personal brand, but be sure that your business can also be recognizable, apart from your personal brand. This way, you are covering all your bases and making sure that when someone is searching based on criteria that you’re your business offers, they can find it and, in turn, find you.

7. Build strategies around the holidays. While other agents go MIA during the holidays, you can build strategies to leverage the fact that you or someone on your team is always present to serve regardless of the when. For example, utilize holiday branding for your marketing, spice up your events by sprinkling some holiday cheer in your open houses, etc.

8. Become an active expert in your Facebook Groups. Not only should you join as many groups on Facebook as you can (make sure you have relevant ties to each one), you should also actively participate and even be a conversation starter. It may not necessarily be real estate-related per se but just being a presence who offers sound advice or shares experiences can lead to all sorts of new opportunities.

9. Evaluate your referral business strategies. Do you have a referral business strategy in place? If not, what is holding you back, and if so, how can you improve it? Referral business is priceless these days. A word-of-mouth referral from a trusted friend or family member is still king in a world that relies on internet searches and online reviews. Are you actively asking for referrals from your Sphere of influence and past clients? Do you have incentives or even simply a way to show your gratitude for these referrals?

10. Realize you can’t do it all yourself. While many items on this list will require a personal touch from you here and there, many steps can be delegated to someone in your team by having one person dedicated to ensuring that your lead generation strategies are always running smoothly. You can then focus on the little touches that only you can add. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a practical and economic strategy you can employ to cover those responsibilities.

Lead generation is the lifeline of your business, and you can ensure that 2020 will not only bring in tons of new leads but a lot of new business as well. In our competitive industry, a little creativity and innovation can go a long way.

Care to share some of your winning lead generation strategies? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to book your Double My Business Strategy Session!