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The impact of a transaction coordinator’s work is should not be underestimated. This job requires interaction with clients, sales, and management teams as well as the support staff that will help them on their journeys.

A transaction coordinator can add immediate value to almost any business by performing effectively in one or more roles such as:

  • Customer service team member
  • Project manager
  • Industry liaison
  • Marketing assistance
  • Accounting specialist
  • Process analyst/designer

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These professionals can manage transactions as well as coordinate other areas of the business that may be related to a transaction or its completion. For example, they may take on the lead role in marketing the home or coordinating with other service professionals such as mortgage brokers and insurance agents. Transaction coordinators are responsible for all aspects of a transaction from start to finish. They are considered the primary point-of-contact for all parties involved in a real estate transaction making them a key individual for your business success. The tasks they perform will vary depending on their employer’s needs.

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For Real Estate


A real estate transaction coordinator can add immediate value to almost any business by performing effectively in one or more roles such as:

Client Service:

  • Successful real estate transaction coordinators have excellent people skills, are natural problem-solvers, and possess an energetic, enthusiastic attitude.
  • They get the best from their clients and customers and use different methods to engage them.
  • This can include providing a full range of services, from a comprehensive service offering to handle every aspect of the sale or purchase.
  • It can also include finding out what is needed as quickly as possible and acting as the hub for all matters relating to a specific transaction.
  • The role requires business acumen, attention to detail, negotiating skills, and an ability to accept responsibility for the success of an entire sales process.

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Sales Management:

In many cases, the client coordinator will become responsible for helping manage or coach a team of real estate agents on behalf of the Seller or Buyer. This can include:

The Seller

Managing a team from pre-sale to post-completion.

The Buyer

Contract negotiation, suggestion, and advice.

Agent’s Team

  • Coaching, training, and development of more junior agents on the sale or purchase of a property.
  • Prioritizing sales using forecasting techniques and forecasting likely problems with the process.

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Effective real estate transaction coordinators maximize their productivity and minimize their efforts on all sources of income generation while maximizing value for the firm and its clients by focusing on the area where they add the most value. Virtual assistants, for commercial or residential, can change the way they operate as a result of using transaction coordinators within their business. This in turn changes the way their staff works as well as how they approach business goals.




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