TURNKEY TALENT for Turnkey Investing + Property Mgmt. | Virtual Assistants at Memphis Investment Properties

By: Jeremy | Updated: June 12, 2020

At first, Sean Tagge was a biomedical engineer who specialized in artificial heart research. His passion to connect with people and solve problems led him to a career change into real estate and turnkey investing.

Today, Sean is Chief Operating Officer & Partner at Memphis Investment Properties. Using his strengths in analytics, research, problem-solving, and engineering, Sean makes extensive use of data to make very informed decisions!

An important decision since 2018 — Sean has a team of 6 MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants.

Before hiring Virtual Assistants, Sean said “things would just fall through the cracks… If I just had someone to fill in these numbers for me, I’d be able to know if we’d miss something. With VAs, I can call 20 more clients if I don’t have to type these numbers”

He researched the data and statistically found how answering calls is the key to drive results. With MyOutDesk VAs, they have 90% coverage to answer a call live at any time! 

“With so many deals going in and out. Virtual Assistants free up time for me and for the acquisitions & sales managers to do more of the higher-value stuff. (Highest & best use of the people I’m paying.) VAs give them assistance so they can do what they’re best at, which is closing deals.

Nowadays, the company flips around 300 properties per year and manages over 2,700 doors in Memphis!

Sean’s MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant Experience

Tune in to find practical advice to best train and manage a virtual assistant team!

Instead of paying into a limited call center subscription, Sean created his very own internal call center. Where he can control all scripts, decisions, and monitor for feedback.

Scorecard System: How do you know if you’re winning a game if you can’t see a scoreboard? Sean set up all employees & VAs to see how they score and the progress they make daily, setting up the company and employees to best understand how to win.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you don’t have the experience, go find someone who can do it.
  • Compound leverage & delegate.
  • Have a service mindset.
  • Understand the learning curve in training.
  • Systems used: Podio and Investors 1.0.
  • VAs are as good as you train them to be.
  • When VAs are told to do what they need to do, they do it forever and they do it very well — it’s great!
  • They got so busy, needed help—acquisition teams spending unnecessary tasks, taking them away from dollar-productive activities.
  • VAs helped them systematize.
  • The company sees at least 5x ROI than what they pay MOD VAs.
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