You don’t automate to get rid of the human; you automate to empower the human. And that’s essentially the name of the game for Workbright; a set of HR tools built for small and medium businesses. We’ve chosen to highlight this particular product in our monthly tech blog because it’s one of the most commonly used services by our clients in the HR industry. Not to mention it’s the kind of software that pairs perfectly with virtual assistants, for several reasons which we’ll cover below. So if you’re in the Human Resources business and exploring ways to increase efficiency, team morale, and revenue… then read on and see why virtual assistants paired with Workbright is such a potent combination.

What exactly is Workbright?

Workbright is a professional toolset built to handle the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that slow down the hiring process. Just like our virtual assistants! The entire platform is online and has an emphasis on being mobile-friendly. With busy professionals being on the go so often, plus the leaning towards working remotely as of late, having an expansive platform like Workbright accessible from virtual anywhere is immensely useful. Just like how our virtual assistants work remotely, and thus are accessible to their teams and leaders from virtually anywhere as well. Starting to see the parallels? Workbright has all of the features and flexibility necessary to help HR teams do their jobs as efficiently as possible. As well as to allow new hires to get through the onboarding process in the same manner. This software guides both HR teams and new hires through an efficient and intuitive process, that gets everyone to work faster. What’s not to like about that? 

Here are some of the things that Workbright has in common with our own virtual assistant professionals.


What can Workbright do?

As we mentioned above, the entire platform is useable 100% remotely. Being able to work from anywhere is a hot topic in the professional world, and Workbright was ahead of the curve with this toolset. Using technology to automate not just mundane tasks but important time-consuming tasks are imperative these days. Most job hunters are doing so from a tablet or their phone, or even just a laptop in a coffee shop. They need software that will fit itself to the device they’re using, in an easy and effective way. Workbright does exactly that with its highly intuitive and customizable interface. Everything can be tailored to fit different business needs, adapting it to fit your established processes. Workbright doesn’t need to take over your entire HR department, it just needs to empower them to do what they already do, only better. 

Safe and Secure

With all this talk of technology and ease of use, what about accountability and accuracy? Workbright thought of that too, by enabling granular control of all forms, fields, reports, and admin permissions across the platform. Not to mention an extensive reminder and alert system. Automated event reminders and notifications can be customized and enabled for both the HR professional and new hires. Ask for digital signatures, send secure documents, report and export data, make adjustments in mass, and even check for tax credits automatically. The entire hiring process can be monitored remotely, with pinpoint accuracy and up-to-date information. Imagine handing over software this robust to an experienced virtual professional. It’d be like having an entire HR team in one person! 

Forms and Compliance

One of the most important aspects of HR is keeping everything safe and legal for the company and the employee’s sake. With Workbright you have access to a robust forms feature as well as a safeguard for compliance concerns. Convert existing hiring packets into a library of smart forms, and send for digital signatures. Even Form I-9 can be done 100% remotely and instantly submitted for E-Verify cases. No more manual entry with more opportunities for human error. Everything is audit ready because all of that data is auto-stamped with time, date, and the IP address of whoever worked on it. Never worry about an audit again! An HR virtual assistant can manage and review all documents and packets for an HR manager, ensuring everything is where it needs to be when it needs to be there, and with everything, it needs to have. Workbright even comes with guarantees that can result in a refund if any promises are not kept or expectations are not met. 

Human Automation

As you can see, automation technology isn’t about removing people from jobs and letting some artificial intelligence take over. It’s about simplifying, streamlining, and overall improving the processes that humans must do, by integrating technology into those processes. Workbright aims to do just that, by giving HR professionals the tools they need to make the entire hiring and onboarding process a breeze for everyone involved. When you combine a platform like this with a virtual assistant like ours, you get a recipe for a strong and effective HR team with half the calories so to speak. “Empowering people to get to work” is the motto of Workbright, and it might as well be ours too. Because that’s exactly what we do, just with remote working professionals rather than software. So mixing the two creates a professional powerhouse. And if today’s professional climate is any indicator, HR teams could really use a helping hand.

MyOutDesk + Workbright = Future Proof

The world of HR is tumultuous, to say the least right now. Recruiters are desperately trying to attract the right talent, while the talent is extra cautious about where they devote their time and energy. The average time to hire someone new in the US is 43 days. Do you have over a month to spare, just to hire someone whom you don’t even know will stick around? If you’re a growing business, then you probably don’t, and shouldn’t be anyways. Time is money, stop wasting both. You can hire an assistant for your HR team, from us, in just one week. Then pair them up with your local HR leader and software like Workbright, and watch your HR woes melt away. Don’t believe us? Have some questions? Hit the link below to request a Q&A session with one of our experts. They’ll answer all of your questions, and determine if our service is right for you.

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