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From our businesses to our homes & our groceries, Covid-19 has disrupted every aspect of our lives. While CNN Business is tracking America’s economic recovery, we examine the most important points.


It’s safe to say — your business will never be the same post-pandemic.

  • Office workers have shifted to working from home (See also: Remote Work Success)
  • Millions of other Americans have filed for unemployment  (See also: Labor Market Opportunities)
  • Essential workers in hospitals & grocery stores are hailed as everyday heroes


During the pandemic, Americans have tightened their spending and chosen to save more, as they grapple with a historically weak job market. (See also: Preparing for AFTER COVID-19)


It definitely got harder to sell your home during the pandemic. No open houses. Virtual closings. And many owners hesitated to put their homes on the market. (See also: Virtual Residential Real Estate Trends)


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As of July 4th, the total hours worked in small businesses is down 52.61% since before the pandemic.


The unfamiliarity of what the future holds is the source of the roller-coaster of emotions. And, the best best way to ultimately overcome this recession is to ramp up on staying informed and mitigating risk.

One factor has remained the same — businesses and customers want speed & efficiency. And in today’s stay-at-home culture, experienced virtual assistants who are well-practiced in providing an effective remote operation are the key to business growth.


Solution: Why Virtual Assistants?

You are probably wondering, why hire a Virtual Assistant then? Why not just hire someone in-house? If cost was your immediate concern then a Virtual Assistant is exactly what you need. You save on office space, you don’t need to buy the equipment and if you work with a company like MyOutDesk, all HR concerns are handled for you. Beyond the monetary cost is lower, you will also have a larger pool of talent to choose from, thus guaranteeing that you find a perfect match for you and your business.


Dynamic business duo Olivia Cooley & Charles Pulliam share:

“Without virtual assistants (VAs), it limits us and we have more responsibilities in-house. A VA is significantly more affordable to the business pattern. We get more value for the price. This is essential and instrumental for our growth, not only now but long-term… 3 to 5 years out, we will continue to grow our number of VAs.”


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