VALUE: In-house vs. Virtual Assistant

By: Abby | Updated: May 9, 2019
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Reports estimate that only 60% or less of an employee’s time in an office is actually productive. In an office setting, there are many distractions, including interruptions from colleagues, office politics, and even stress from commuting. Furthermore, an In-House Full-Time employee will cost you around $60,000 a year vs. $21,000 for a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant.

The table below shows you a side-to-side comparison of the costs of hiring in-house vs. a Virtual Assistant:

So there you have figures that only cover salary/compensation. You must also factor in overhead costs such as office space and equipment.

But what is it truly costing you? Beyond the dollar amount, how much more busy work could get accomplished if you had someone productive 100% of their hours working for you? 60% or less productivity is quite an alarming number! This means that in an 8-hour workday, in-house employees are wasting about 4.8 hours NOT getting any work done.

What is your advantage with Virtual Assistants?

First, let’s examine the money you save. Virtual Assistants cost you less, not only by way of compensation. They also have their own equipment and do not require you to provide office space.

Now, in terms of productivity? You can be assured that they are utilizing each second that they spend working with you. These are highly talented people who are dedicated to your success! If you have doubts, MyOutDesk, for example, has productivity tracking software that allows real-time visibility into our Virtual Assistant’s day.  Our clients have access to this data if the need arises. As mentioned earlier, surveys conclude that not everyone can function within the standard 9-5 set work hours, and many find that working during quieter hours, like in the evening, for example, gets more work done. Since all our Virtual Assistants are in an “opposite” time zone, they get to work during the quietest hours of the night, thus eliminating further distractions and creating the ideal environment to maximize their time.

Reports from NAR state that it takes 45 hours to complete a transaction from initial contact to close of escrow. Pile on top of these other Administrative work, Marketing, AND Prospecting. With so much to get done, you cannot afford to have any slack from anyone in your team. Time is such a valuable asset, not only for your business but also for your personal life. Low or slow productivity in one area means that someone, somewhere, has to pick up the slack and, most of the time, that might fall on your shoulders, taking away the potential for you to engage in activities that will help grow your business.

Our friend, Long Doan, Founder/CEO/Broker and Co-owner of Realty Group, sums it up perfectly in this short video clip:


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