As California’s leading local HR Services Provider, Emplicity is the simple choice for employers with up to 250 employees. Founded by Vic Tanon nearly 25 years ago, the firm has grown from a startup into a PEO powerhouse – and helped streamline the HR, compliance, payroll, workers comp, benefits, and much more for clients across the state in the process.

Join Vic Tanon as he shares insights into the long game for building a successful PEO and explains exactly where the industry is going and why so many businesses are outsourcing to Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). PEO client growth has doubled in the last few years, and Vic will explain what’s driving this trend and how PEO organizations are capitalizing on it. Then, if you need more help in your organization, learn how MyOutDesk can play a role in your business! Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session now!

Vic is more than just the founder of a successful PEO organization – he’s also a board member of NAPEO, serving to help steer the organization & support the burgeoning PEO industry.

He shares NAPEO’s vision to represent an industry-recognized as providing the best workforce solution for businesses looking to grow and thrive. NAPEO advocates for the interests of PEOs at all levels of government and provides robust member resources, vital networking and referrals, relevant and timely education, and effective public relations and marketing support.

“We owe a great deal of our success throughout the years to NAPEO members and staff who provide the legal and educational resources. Emplicity needs to take care of our clients and their employees,” Vic says, “I can’t wait to see where the next 25 years takes us.”

A big part of Vic’s role involves education & advocacy for PEO organizations, and he says, “people out there have heard the term PEO, but can’t quite articulate what we are and what we can do for them.” He’s working to change that through his role as the founder of Emplicity & his seat on the NAPEO board! So schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session now and get involved with your outsourcing strategy today!