Virtual Assistant vs Freelancer

Ok, so you’re thinking about outsourcing some work to a virtual assistant. You’ve got various tasks piling up, spilling over, collecting dust, etc. You’ve decided it’s time to get some hired help because your business is growing, and the last thing you need is anything slowing it down. Coming to the decision that you’re ready for help was a tough enough call to make, but now you have an even harder decision; who? Picking the right people for the job is a very delicate and important process, and MyOutDesk knows this all too well. Your business is precious, and whoever you hire is going to have their hands all over it. It’s vital that you pick someone you can trust to get the work done correctly and efficiently.

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Hired Help Should Be… Helpful


Hiring help shouldn’t be another thing to worry about in itself. That’s why going with a virtual professional from a dedicated service like MyOutDesk is the way to go. So let’s go over a few reasons why a service like ours is better than going with someone freelance.


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Hiring someone freelance to do work for you has its benefits, sure. But in reality, freelance work more so benefits the freelancer. The whole point of seeking someone on the outside to lend a hand is to benefit you and your business. Therefore you need someone you can trust with your workload. Someone you can call on and lean on when necessary. A freelance virtual assistant kind of marches to the beat of their own drum; but this is your song, your business. You deserve and need someone who’s part of something bigger. MyOutDesk has been matching skilled individuals with a business that needs their skills for 13 years. We know what you need as well as what you want, and we know how to provide it at competitive prices that benefit everyone. You’re not going to pay some inflated fee they pulled out of a hat; the prices of professional service are set. You’ll honestly be surprised at how much value you get for the cost.

Get What You Paid For


Maybe you’ve got a bunch of sales leads that need following up. Maybe you need help answering phone calls and responding to emails, or data entry no one else has time for. Or even a creative task for marketing that no one in-house is quite qualified to handle. We handpick all of our people to ensure we have an available staff of virtual professionals ready for just about any task. Our people are savvy enough to hit the ground running for their clients as soon as they’re matched up. On top of that, we provide the necessary tools to keep in touch with your professional, track progress, and keep things going efficiently. When you hire a random freelancer you don’t have those kinds of assurances. You’re taking them at their word, setting them loose, and hoping for the best. 


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Ad hoc business is the wild west, and you don’t need a cowboy; you need a professional. A virtual professional. Someone you can count on during your operating hours. That’s another reason why going with a service professional like ours is better; you have more options. We have highly talented professionals working hard all over; from California to the Philippines. And regardless of where they’re at, our professionals are all held to the same service standards, and they all speak English. Another nice bonus? An overseas virtual professional is awake and ready to work when you’re here in the states, sleeping. So if you need around-the-clock assistance, you can get it.

A Higher Standard of Professionalism


Our overseas virtual professionals are well taken care of; they get the same competitive pay, benefits, and family-like treatment that we provide an employee who’s just down the street. A happy employee is a hard-working, and loyal employee. Not just for MyOutDesk, but for any client they’re assigned. When you hire some local freelancer, you’re going to have to work with them around their schedule more often than not. You’ll have to trust them with their own timekeeping and availability. With MyOutDesk, all of our professionals clock in and out with our own proprietary software called MyTimeIn. We offer structure, accountability, and results.


[Considering a Virtual Assistant?]


Our customers have peace of mind knowing that we’ve covered all bases. When your business is growing and you’re trying to hustle to keep it growing, relying on someone else simply won’t cut it. You need assurances, guarantees, and trust. You may have noticed we don’t call them virtual assistants, but instead virtual professionals. Because that’s what they are; professionals. Talented, skilled, trustworthy, and hard-working people, ready 24/7 to work.

All of them hired to do a specific job; your job. If you want to learn more about how our virtual professionals can benefit your workload, maybe even request a demo, follow the link below.


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