Mortgage brokers like Ryan Yardley have put virtual assistants to use in the mortgage & loan-origination industry to save time, reduce costs, and dramatically leverage their lending business —and in this special webinar event, you’ll learn exactly how they outsource their time-consuming, repetitive tasks to virtual assistants to give them more time to grow their business.

Ryan is a mortgage consultant at American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, with management experience in all three major aspects of the real estate industry: Mortgage Origination, Title Insurance/Escrow, Real Estate Broker & Sales.

Learn how to put a virtual assistant to work in your mortgage business today! Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session and learn how a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can help save time and focus on the relationship-building that allows you to grow your mortgage business.

Ryan says, “As a loan officer, I want to create relationships with REALTORS®, and I use my VA to help me acquire the relationship. He set up 51 one-on-one meetings with agents in the first quarter I had him, which is awesome because acquiring the relationship will acquire the mortgage. So right now, I have him calling to create new meetings & relationships for me, and then I focus on calling agents I already know who are parties to transactions. The thing is, my VA is so good at his job that my schedule is booked solid – I haven’t had availability for any new appointments in months!”

Here’s Why You Need Mortgage Virtual Assistant

The mortgage industry requires a lot more than speaking to clients and crunching numbers. To grow your mortgage business, you need to network, develop leads, and ensure that your current, ongoing clients are happy.

Whether your social media lacks that much-needed presence or you’re struggling to maintain a consistent follow-up process, a virtual assistant can help you focus on what really matters — your growing business.

More effective prospecting

Tired of being tied up on the phone, answering the same questions from lenders, clients, or prospects over & over again? You can easily outsource this to a virtual assistant.

Just imagine how much your productivity will increase when you’re not constantly interrupted by phone calls — staying focused on the most critical tasks at hand.

Increased administrative productivity

The mortgage industry requires a lot of paperwork. From service agreements to lender approvals, preparing and organizing these files is a time-consuming task. A virtual assistant can create documents, proofread paperwork, prepare forms, and the list goes on and on.

Spend the time you’d put into paperwork on preparation for your next meeting and building solid relationships with new clients. From calendar management to office administrative support, you can instantly increase productivity with a virtual assistant.

Better customer service

With a mortgage virtual assistant, you’ll be assured that your clients are getting the attention they deserve. Whether you need someone to help you verify and set up appointments or follow up with clients to ensure their satisfaction, all of this can be completed while you’re out doing what you do best.

More successful marketing

you must develop an online presence — over 93& percent of online experiences start with a search engine! As you build your online network, you can advertise in a way that reaches the unique needs of your audience. This will significantly increase leads and conversion rates.

A better reputation

Your reputation will grow as you interact more smoothly & more frequently with new & past clients — and you’ll remain top-of-mind with agents seeking your services. Word-of-mouth is important in the mortgage industry, and you’ll want to focus less on administrative tasks and more on client relationships.

Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today and find out how a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can help boost your business.