The effectiveness of a tool is only as good as the person using it. This sentiment also applies to software and applications because those too are tools. Modern tools of today’s professionals in just about every industry. This is why here at MyOutDesk, one of the skills we screen for when bringing on new virtual professionals is how tech-savvy they are. Because every business has its own processes that often rely on a specific technology, and law is no different. Due to the importance of scheduling, time tracking, document review, and sensitive data entry, attorneys and the like need a reliable and adept professional assistant. There is very little room for error when dealing with legal-related tasks. We’ve been providing virtual assistants to help companies grow successfully since 2008, and lately, the legal industry has taken notice. When you combine the immense value of a virtual assistant with software specific to your industry, you get a potent combination of productivity and reliability. So let’s talk about how our virtual assistants can use your software to make your office a well-oiled machine.

Virtual Assistants Can Use ‘Clio’

If your firm is anything like so many others, you probably use a legal software called Clio. For those who don’t use it yet, it’s a very popular and high-rated legal web-based service for clients, cases, billing, etc. But we’re not trying to sell you on Clio, as you probably already know the value of that software. Besides they’re not paying us to! Instead, let’s go over how our virtual assistants can use Clio and similar software to keep your business running better than ever. And at a massive discount compared to the price of someone local! 

Client Intake

Our virtual assistants are all very experienced and often trained in the ways of various common tasks for different clients. “Busywork” is the broad term that encapsulates a lot of what our assistants do for companies looking to be more efficient. Things like customer support, appointment scheduling, processing payments, document review, and inbox management. Those are all things our assistants already do for thousands of other businesses.  Well, those are also all things that can be done in the Clio platform. As efficient and successful as they are doing things manually, imagine how much better they can do with dedicated software? Some of our professionals may even be familiar with Clio already, and those who aren’t are already proven to be tech-savvy. So a bit of training, coupled with their existing abilities, and a virtual assistant can be up and running for you with Clio in no time.

Case Management

A lot of our virtual assistants have experience with other tasks that kind of go beyond “busy-work”. Often times more sensitive or important tasks, that a member of your team simply needs help with to lighten their load. Clio has built-in features for tasks like appointment reminders, e-signatures, and custom fields for inputting accurate information for each case. It can even auto-sync data and documents to keep case files cohesive and accurate. Since our professionals are already doing that stuff manually in some cases, it’d only make them even more efficient using an app like Clio. They can upload your docs, ensure they’re filled out correctly, add custom data as needed, and send for signature. Then, they can notify clients and attorneys of their needed attention, and then review and file appropriately. Since they’re already familiar with a variety of other applications like GSuite, Outlook, and Dropbox, they can take advantage of Clio’s integrations with those platforms. Making the whole process incredibly smooth for everyone involved.

Billing and Payments

Last but certainly not least, is the handling of money. With legal-related business, the exchanging of large sums of money is very common and thus needs to be entrusted to the most capable professional. Our virtual assistants have been doing work for our clients regarding accounts payable and receivable from the beginning. They are aware of the sensitive nature of dealing with client transactions and are more than capable of following specific directions. These are just other examples of tasks our assistants are already doing for clients across many other industries. Thus, learning how to continue doing these kinds of tasks in software that’s dedicated to it, would be a piece of cake for them. Tracking time and expenses, generating bills and sending payment reminders, accepting credit card payments, and filing checks; are just a few examples of what they can do for you as it is, but even more so with an application like Clio. All of those examples and more can be done from a single dashboard in Clio. Making it a breeze for our technology experienced assistants to learn the process and execute on your behalf, confidently.

Your Concerns

We’ve gone over what our assistants can do for you already, and even better with something like Clio. Now let’s clear up what you don’t have to worry about. Because no amount of promises can convince someone to try something new if their concerns aren’t first addressed. So let’s go over some common questions/concerns we face when a business is unsure if our virtual assistants are right for them. 

  • Language – Since we outsource to the Philippines, we can assure all of our virtual assistants speak fantastic English. It’s one of the most common languages there! That’s one of the biggest reasons our CEO Daniel chose to build the foundation of MyOutDesk there. We’ve even had clients say that their assistant spoke better English than some of the people right here in their office!
  • Cost – Some will say they can find an assistant for $10 on Fivver. Well, would you trust sensitive legal-related tasks with a budget assistant that no one reputable is vouching for? We would hope not. But that also doesn’t mean you have to pay a premium to get a little help. Part of the whole idea here is that you can get the same quality of help that you’d find locally but at a major discount. We’re not the cheapest assistant service, and we’re also not the most expensive. But we are one of the most well-reviewed and longest-lasting services. We’ve saved clients up to 70% off the cost of a traditional hire. All while still giving them the high quality of employees they expect and need. 
  • Training / Onboarding – You might be hesitant to commit to training a remote employee on how to use Clio, as well as how to navigate your other in-house procedures and practices. Well, nothing changes if you hire someone locally to do the same job. You’d still need to get them up to speed. While we’ve already promised that our tech-savvy assistants can learn Clio and whatever else you need in no time, as they always do, we can also speak to the hiring process itself. The average time to find, interview and hire a new employee is about a month and a half in the US, as of late. At MyOutDesk you don’t have to create a job ad, post it all over, wait for applicants, filter through them, pick a few, interview them, etc. You tell us what you need and we provide you with a handful of virtual assistants we are confident fit your needs. You then select from the best and start training them. So our average time-to-hire is a month or less. You’re not just saving money here, you’re saving time too. One is just as valuable as the other.


Long story short; a virtual assistant from MyOutDesk is already verified to be many things, including tech-savvy. Because in today’s world everything is “high-tech” in some way or another. And when your business deals with sensitive legal matters, every single person on your team needs to be up to speed. So if you were thinking that outsourcing some of your tasks to a virtual assistant was too risky because you use specific software like Clio, think again. These people can tackle anything, and they’re happy to do it. They’re hungry for the opportunity and the experience. Clio is just an all-encompassing, intuitive way of doing many of the things they already do! 

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts yourself, you can use the link below to request a consultation. They prefer to hear you out first, understand your needs and concerns before determining if we’re even a right fit for you. Then, they pitch a plan involving one or more virtual assistants to get you started. Our goal is to help you scale up your business more efficiently, and cost-effectively. Because it is possible to do both at the same time, and we’ll show you how.

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