In this STRATEGY-focused session, you will learn how to work well with a virtual assistant (or virtual team).

[Reduce Inefficiencies & Increase Productivity]

While 2020 is a year of adapting quickly to online operations, are most business owners aware of leading a PRODUCTIVE & EFFECTIVE remote workspace?


Virtual Business Success:
How to Work with a Virtual Assistant EFFECTIVELY

Map out an effective & organized LAUNCH strategy for virtual assistants in your business — take advantage of the 15 years of knowledge that MyOutDesk has to offer.

  • How to integrate a VA into an existing team
    (Communication tips, Frequency, Tools)
  • Training Methodology
    (Play-Pause-Do framework, VA Standard Operating Procedures, Developing the capacity to do more)
  • Cultural Differences
    (Virtual vs. Physical Work Culture, Advantages of a more global team)
  • Common mistakes to avoid
    (Task, Project & Time management)


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  1. Check our Agile Project Management example
  2. Know more about the Play-Pause-Do documentation strategy
  3. Supplement your Play-Pause-Do strategy with the right SOP framework
  4. Build your remote culture!
  5. Learn more about SCALING BUSINESS




  • Do I have a system and process in place?
  • Is there effective training provided for those systems & processes in place?
  • Do I have the right person and talent?


[Considering a Virtual Assistant?]

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Key Takeaways (by Section)

How to integrate a VA into an existing team

In the first 30 days, take a good chunk of your day and meet your virtual assistant — 30 min is recommended! Have SOD (start of day) and EOD (end of the day) reports with the 5 things they have going on for the day!

Have weekly meetings — set goals together and find out their needs and the resources that can drive their success. “Do you need any support or resource before you do this week’s tasks?”

It’s great to have a task management tool like Asana / Trello / Basecamp / Monday & having a password management tool (like 1Password) so you can regulate access to logins for your team — it makes it easy to add/remove people that need access to your logins

With integrating your VA, make sure they have access to a local phone/text number or VoIP so they can communicate with your locality. Also, make them a company email and/or chat username to carry over your branding and foster inclusion! Video training is important so you can do face to face conversation

Assign a POC for your VA — who’s managing this VA and give them a buddy (someone in the company but not their direct boss)

VAs are NOT a plug-and-play solution! Every company is unique and we can’t teach exactly how your company works!

Don’t alienate your VA — include them in team meetings, even if they’re not there physically in your office! This integrates and puts the VA deeper into your team

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Training Methodology for Your Virtual Assistant

Compound Leverage — the 30x rule and training ROI: 5 minutes per day to complete the task x 30 days = 150 minutes of training time invested. This can give you up to 733% return on time investment — 5 min x 250 work days = 1250 minutes a year!

Ensure that the task is understood — check in on the task about 10-20% of the way in. Communicate the task in a written format, set it in your task management tool with the “what” and “why” along with the deadline and time frame. In this check-in, you can assess understanding and comprehension — that way you don’t waste time or money. Always remember to discuss the “how” and the “why” when you delegate tasks.

Everybody takes about 3-6 months to really learn the job/task. Don’t penalize and keep supporting! Realize that everybody has a different time frame to learn, and once they know it, you get compound leverage — a job you’ve delegated and never needing to take back!

When you’re managing remote teams, you don’t have that “tribal knowledge” — you will be forced to document everything and reach out more to connect with your remote team





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