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Would you agree that the only thing worse than trying to recruit the right person is trying to keep the right person? Imagine spending all of the time, energy, and resources to find that ideal fit, only to lose them shortly after and have to start the process all over again. No one wants to go through that, especially after finding out that they don’t even have to. Well, that’s what you’re finding out right now. With a MyOutDesk virtual assistant, you don’t have to go through that, ever. We go through it so that you don’t have to. And that’s what we’re going to cover here; why and how you can stop wasting time and money trying to find that perfect fit. Because we already did, and they’re ready to work for you right now.

Just The Facts

The average time to hire in the US is 43 days, in other words almost two months. The average length of time to go from requesting a MyOutDesk virtual assistant to having one at your disposal, ready to work; is 14 days or less. That’s less than half the time. How do we do it? Let’s take a quick look at our process…

Our Recruitment

  1. The professionals apply through our careers page.
  2. We schedule them for an exam, specific to the field they applied in.
  3. Our recruitment specialists review the completed exams and make their selections.
  4. Those selected are scheduled for a Zoom interview with a recruiter.
  5. If approved, they are scheduled for a 2nd/final interview with a manager.
  6. If selected for hire, we begin the next phase…

Verification and On-boarding

  • Verify all provided references(3 professional, 2 personal) with FBI-grade background checks.
  • Verify their identity and location.
  • Run a system check of their computer and home network to ensure it meets our standards.
  • Place them in a pool categorized by experience and skillset. Ready for work.

Did you know that MyOutDesk gets an average of 150 applications per day? Compare that to our current pool of 200 available virtual assistants. Goes to show that we can have plenty of professionals ready to work for you, while also making sure they’re up to our standards first. Ensuring that they not only can do what you need but that they’ll stick around doing it! It’s a win/win for any growing business, even yours. Just look at what they can do for you!

Training Day

Clark Sandlin is a business owner who saw the value of outsourcing done right and has been using two of our virtual assistants. And just this week he added a third to his team! One of the most common concerns we hear from interested clients is regarding the onboarding process. People worry that training their virtual assistants remotely will take extra time and be less effective. The truth is our professionals are verified to be experienced, tech-savvy, strong English speakers, and fast learners. They’re often familiar with the same platforms used across various industries in the US. So they can jump in and hit the ground running after just a bit of education on your own processes. It’s all part of the benefits of a blended business model, which we cover in greater detail HERE if you’d like to learn even more.

“Our MOD virtual assistants finished their internal training and SOPs in 2 days, while our local team hires typically take 2 weeks.” – Clark Sandlin, President, and CEO of Zyrka


Treat Yourself (and your business)

Reap the rewards of our hard work. Get yourself a virtual assistant to take care of your day-to-day busywork, while freeing yourself up to focus on the higher value tasks you actually want to do. You can skip the headaches and have a reliable, experienced, educated professional at your disposal in a matter of days. Remember; the two most valuable things you have are time and money; a bad hire wastes both. A virtual assistant from MyOutDesk comes with a talent-match guarantee. And in today’s volatile hiring market, guarantees like that are even harder to find than decent gas prices!

Click here to request a consultation with one of our experts. We’re always available to answer questions and discuss concerns. If it looks like a virtual assistant is even a good fit for your growth needs, we’ll pitch a plan for you to consider. No obligation, no catch. Your success is literally our success, so let’s see if we can be successful together!

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