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Tuesday, November 16th @ 10:30 AM PST



The age of technology is alive and well, and those who embrace it are benefiting the most. Now is not the time to be timid or shy about advancements in the tech that supports your industry; real estate especially. Some companies aren’t doing so great(coughZillowcough) while some are doing fantastic… like Propy! And that’s the centerpiece of this free and exciting webinar. Propy is a company currently helping agents and business owners adapt to the current digital evolution currently. In this session, renowned national speaker and best-selling author Tony Giordano will be interviewing the founder and CEO of Propy, Natalie Kara. Click below to register, or read on first to learn more. And did we mention it’s free?


It’s a FREE webinar you’re welcome to access from anywhere you have internet access. Approximately 1,000 people will be attending already! It’s not every day that two entrepreneur hot-shots get together to talk about the current trends and advancements in business technology. Typically you’d have to pay a hefty fee to attend a conference where a discussion like this would happen on a stage. Instead, you get it for free and you can attend in your pajamas, from your home office or couch! Click the link below to secure your seat.

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Here are some of the topics that will be discussed during this webinar. If you have any interest in any of these discussion points, then this is a great way to learn about them from the mouths of industry experts.

1. What is Propy?
2. What is Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
3. What’s Offer Management
4. Crypto Certification for Agents
5. What is an NFT? How to create an NFT for art and real estate
6. One-stop-shop on blockchain
7. How to make a transaction in Crypto
8. Propy Discounts
9. Three main blockchain applications in real estate



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