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The best remote workers are adaptable to change, good communicators, and have at least a basic understanding of management. Today, many companies use a hybrid model to leverage all the advantages of having remote and physical workers.

So what does an ideal remote worker look like?

There are several factors that will be used for this article’s topic, such as adaptability, being a good communicator, and possessing management skills. It’s important that a potential remote employee has these traits. Because without them, it would be harder for companies to hire people to fill these positions.

This article will cover:

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What an ideal remote worker looks like

A remote worker is someone that telecommutes; they do not have a specific location that they travel to every day. Remote workers are needed in almost every industry including law, consulting, media, and healthcare. Allowing people to work from home and setting up a telecommuting job will increase productivity. And, it will also give the employee more flexibility with their time.

Advantages of having a remote worker:


There are many benefits to having remote workers. Some main reasons companies choose to hire remote workers are:


The best type of remote worker needs to be someone who is an adaptable thinker. They will need to be able to adjust quickly when changes happen and embrace any new opportunities. They will also need to be great at communicating with both their team members and clients. This means that they should be good listeners, have good writing skills, and should understand what their audience needs.


The ideal remote worker is someone that can accept change easily. Most of the time working remotely requires the person doing the job to be flexible with their schedule and with meeting deadlines. Remote workers also need excellent communication skills as well as some management experience.


The ideal remote worker is the hybrid of an autonomous individual, who does not need to be micromanaged and yet provides high-quality work. They are also reliable and professional. The best remote positions out there are virtual assistants because they provide personalized service in various industries.

  • No office politics
  • Work-life balance benefits
  • They have the ability to work in a less distracting environment that is often near their home.

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How do businesses leverage remote employees and physical employees?

Strategic businesses leverage physical employees for the things that are more difficult or expensive to do remotely. This setup allows the company to have a flexible workforce. Managers are able to get work done faster than before — with a workforce in the office and remotely.

Virtual assistant services

Virtual assistants are the best type of remote position out there. There are many types of virtual assistants. Today, many companies use a hybrid model to leverage all the advantages of having remote and office workers. Virtual assistants have the unique ability to complete tasks and provide valuable information that isn’t possible in a physical office environment.

Virtual assistant services would allow a company to hire the best person for the job without worrying about any geographic limitations. If you’ve ever lost hours of time on a frustrating task, know that it’s time to consider the ideal remote worker.

What does a virtual assistant do?

Managers are looking for independent individuals who can perform their job without too much oversight. They want someone who is capable of working independently but also has some level of communication skills.

Individuals can outsource their administrative and marketing tasks to a virtual assistant in order to become more successful in this business.

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Example virtual assistant roles across all industries



Virtual ISA for Real Estate Agents:

A virtual assistant for real estate agents is VAs who are available for completing grunt work for your office. This includes property searches, setting up appointments, managing & tracking leads, and other administrative needs of agents.

Virtual Executive Assistant:

Virtual executive assistants (VEAs) are commonly used by executives to assist in their administrative tasks. These can include drafting emails, prioritizing tasks, organizing schedules, and other daily operations. A virtual executive assistant provides a broad range of services that can make your workday more efficient and organized. This VA works for an executive or CEO in a company.

Virtual Listing Assistant:

In this role, a virtual assistant helps the lead real estate agent handle listing calls, emails, and paperwork. This way you can focus on your strength and improve your productivity. A virtual assistant can help you with your administrative tasks from scheduling appointments to helping answer questions from potential prospects.

Loan Officer Assistants:

Loan officer assistants help you stay organized and track your progress on loans. They can also reduce the time you spend managing paperwork and organizing files. This means there would be more time to dedicate to getting your business even more successful.

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Virtual Personal Assistant:

This is a complete assistant to you. They can be your main contact and keep you well-organized and efficient. Your virtual personal assistant can be your connection to everything around you. They will manage your schedule, appointments, arrange travel, set up meetings, and much more. Virtual personal assistants (VPAs) are commonly used to handle tasks such as travel planning, arranging meetings, and scheduling social media content.

Shopify Success Assistant for E-Commerce:

Shopify has great tools for both customers and sellers. However, you need to know how to manage your store and the orders on your site. That’s where a Shopify Success Assistant is a great option for an e-commerce business.

Virtual Assistant Receptionist:

A virtual assistant receptionist is a full-time employee who answers calls, emails, and messages for you. This allows you to spend your time doing high-value tasks that require your expertise and creativity.

Home Care Recruitment Virtual Assistant:

You can use a virtual assistant to recruit potential home care workers. They can manage the process by conducting in-person or online interviews, screening applicants, and offering new candidates to you.

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Franchise Virtual Assistant:

A franchise virtual assistant would field incoming emails from franchisees. They can also maintain the franchisee database, schedule conferences, and meetings, and handle other administrative tasks.

Virtual Assistants for Consultants & Consulting Firms:

Virtual assistants can help you with administrative tasks. This allows you to have more time to spend on your clients and projects.

E-Commerce Virtual Assistant:

Virtual assistants can help you with many aspects of your online business. They can help you with research, marketing, social media, and customer service. An e-commerce VA is a complete assistant who can help you with your inventory management, customer support, and more.

Virtual Executive Assistant for Startups:

A VEA for startups can help you with administrative functions. They can also help with project work and relationship management in order to free up your time to focus on your business.

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Email virtual assistant:

These VAs work solely on emails. They scan your inbox for important notes and forward them to you, as well as maintain your email campaigns.

Insurance virtual assistant:

An insurance VA is responsible for helping you organize your policies and financial records, complete necessary paperwork, and provide much-needed assistance.

Corporate virtual assistant:

In addition to handling routine tasks, corporate VAs may fill the role with a personal assistant or executive assistant.

E-commerce virtual assistant:

This type of VA is part of a team that assists with e-commerce activities around the clock. They might check for new orders, confirm shipments, and monitor all social media accounts, just to name a few.

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HR Virtual Assistant:

A virtual assistant can include an administrative assistant who focuses on paperwork and admin tasks. They may schedule appointments, keep employee records, or help create policies.

Virtual Assistant Social Media Manager:

The social media manager is responsible for the company’s social media presence and engagement. A VA in this role may have to monitor and respond to social mentions of the company. They’ll share content, post on the company’s Facebook page or Twitter account, analyze data, and more.

Recruitment Virtual Assistant:

A VA for recruitment manages the broad process of hiring. This VA schedules interviews, prep interviewers and manages the overall recruiting process. They may handle an initial screening of resumes, conduct phone interviews, review applicants in person, and present qualified candidates to hiring managers.

Title Company Virtual Assistant:

For title companies, a VA may handle the paperwork you need to finalize a closing. They can also help organize closings and manage your properties.

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Event Virtual Assistant:

An event virtual assistant is responsible for planning and executing a multitude of aspects that go into an event. They handle all the details so that you don’t have to. They may work with the caterer, purchase tickets and other arrangements, make charts of attendees, and other administrative tasks.

Insurance Virtual Assistant:

An insurance VA is responsible for helping you organize your policies and financial records, complete necessary paperwork, and provide much-needed assistance.

Financial Advisor Assistant:

In this role, you may need someone to help you with your client meetings and paperwork. You may also need help with your schedule, communications, and financial reporting.

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What is a virtual assistant provider?



Virtual assistant providers help businesses find assistants. These virtual assistants help companies complete tasks in various departments in the office. This includes administrative tasks, customer service, social media management, or writing and research. They are hired to help a business owner or a company meet their goals.

There are several advantages for businesses to choose a virtual assistant provider. The first is cost. You don’t have to worry about the overhead costs of hiring a VA. This means that you can spend less money on your overall business. This can be a benefit if you are a start-up or just starting out.

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Here are some top benefits to using a virtual assistant


Cost Savings

There is no overhead cost as virtual assistants provide their own office equipment. This is extremely beneficial because it can free up cash flow for other areas in your business. For example, you can use that money to invest in expanding and enacting your company’s values, goals, and visions.

Subject-matter experts.

Virtual assistants are often hired because they have knowledge about a specific field, whether it’s cold-calling, graphic design, task management, or data analysis. 

Tech Savvy

Virtual assistants are technically savvy and can help with your business’s technology needs. Virtual assisting is an emerging field that is growing exponentially every year!

“Outsourcing makes the hustle better — because you’re not burdened with many/growing expenses that you’ll need to figure out how to cover and hit profit”


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