Think you need to onboard more assistants to work in your physical office location?

Think again. The virtual assistant market is booming right now, with experts predicting it to grow by $4.12 billion in the next four years. If you’ve never considered hiring a virtual assistant, it’s time to consider what these virtual services can do for your business.

But what are virtual assistants, exactly? What are some common virtual assistant responsibilities? We’ll answer those important questions and more, so keep reading!

[Considering a Virtual Assistant?]


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What Are Virtual Assistants?

Also called virtual receptionists, these professionals do everything your in-house receptionist or assistant would do. The only difference is that they perform their tasks from their home or a call center.

From their remote location, virtual assistants handle a wide array of administrative duties. These might include:

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Answering calls and emails
  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Schedule management
  • Organizing files and documents
  • Managing websites or social media accounts
  • Customer service tasks

No matter what type of help you’re looking for, there’s a virtual assistant with the knowledge and expertise your business needs.

Some VAs are self-employed as independent contractors, while others work as part of an agency. With the huge shift to remote work during the pandemic, now is the perfect time to hire a virtual assistant for your company.

Common Virtual Assistant Job Duties

A recent report identified five main types of virtual assistants. We’ll save the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) assistants and focus on the four areas real hires can help your business.

These include:

  • Sales assistants (inside sales, cold calling, sales scripts, etc.)
  • Customer service assistants (handle customer queries, payments, and feedback)
  • Administrative assistants (bookkeeping, accounting, HR, etc.)
  • Marketing assistants (advertising, campaigns, special promotions, etc.)

Many VAs have years or even decades of experience that they can bring to your business. Why waste time looking for someone in your city when there are plenty of qualified assistants ready to work remotely?

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

There are a number of benefits of virtual services you may not have considered yet.

For example, think of how your business would benefit if you could offer customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rather than having to wait for normal business hours, customers could get answers to their questions no matter the time of day.

You’ll save on the costs of recruiting, hiring, and training new staff members. You don’t have to worry about paying for employee benefits or health insurance.

You also have the ability to scale up or down depending on the season and your business needs, rather than having to pay a full-time employee year-round.


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Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual services are here to stay, and they’re not just for huge tech companies. Most small-to-medium-sized businesses can also benefit from hiring a virtual assistant.

Is yours one of them? Now that you know the answer to the question, “What are virtual assistants,” are you ready to see what they can do for your company?

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