Build a Virtual Mastermind Group For Your Business

Business leaders & entrepreneurs love the concept of engaging a mastermind group, but many don’t know how to begin.

In this STRATEGY-focused webinar, build your foundation & accelerate your success.

Mastermind sessions should be like a greenhouse for mutual accelerated success. Facilitating a mastermind group yourself will grow your own brand + reputation and will bring enormous value to yourself & to like-minded people.


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[Virtual Success Webinar Series] This webinar will show you how to:

  • Build your own mastermind group. What you need to know to build a local mastermind group & create useful materials. Create an identity & a culture.
  • Engage your networks & build knowledge. Engage your local networks & bright minds + foster knowledge creation for your group.
  • Use VIRTUAL best practices. Best tools & tips to build a mastermind community virtually.


What is a mastermind group?

A mastermind is a collective union of like-minded individuals who have had experience and similar challenges that you’re facing!


How can a mastermind grow and affect your business? 

First and foremost, mastermind groups create accountability — surround yourself with other people that you respect, meet them and explain your results. You can tap into the collective mindset for skills that you don’t have. Create collaboration vs competition Leading a mastermind group will force you to improve your leadership skills. (Organizing, pulling people together, and motivating them is not easy!)


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1 – The stronger the purpose, the stronger your commitment. Think hard about your “why” and the “how” will present itself.

2 – Find your core group — people who fit your purpose, mastermind on the values you want to have on your group. Your core group will bring together and attract more people.

3 – If you want to start a mastermind, be part of one! Experience it from the inside out.

4 – Create a rigorous process when bringing in people. This prevents your mastermind’s value from being diluted.

5 – Aggressive inclusion — it is your duty to include anyone who walks by to your conversation. This means no one gets left behind. This leads to ideal culture creation!

6- MAKE AN ENROLLMENT PLAN — Have your current members vet new members. They can sign off to a new applicant, or hold an interview and decide with a few members if you want to “hire” this person as an accountability partner. Avoid advertising — start at a grassroots level when recruiting members.This way, you will sufficiently develop muscle and grow slowly! Also, include criteria that allow you to remove people from the group (a.k.a. a code of conduct).

7 – What collective conversation do you want to be part of? Set the intention to be open to improve and grow on that. Take your time and just talk with people, start small and be ok with that.

8 – One of the best things of having a mastermind group is not having just one person as an accountability partner — you have others there to check up with and keep the momentum going in case of unavailability! This creates RESULTS and keeps you MOTIVATED!

9 – Your mastermind group doesn’t have to always be in your same industry! Explore having members from other industries—this reignites other skills, passions and ideas you may never knew you had!

10 – Your mastermind group doesn’t have to always be in your same industry! Explore having members from other industries—this reignites other skills, passions and ideas you may never knew you had!

11 – BUILD ACCOUNTABILITY: Create goals often and follow up with them. You can determine the level of accountability in your group. Every leader is SEEN, and you’ll always know where they are. Your job is to set accountability and expectations. YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR WHEREABOUTS.

12 – When conflicts arise, consider REFRAMING! Understand what meaning and intentions people have behind their words. Seek to validate both sides and mitigate!


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