Virtual Assistant vs Freelancer

Did you know that distractions in the workplace cost businesses about $600 billion every year? Hiring a virtual freelancer can help you get more work done while minimizing the distractions for yourself and your employees.

Virtual assistant work can help every department of your company. Whether you need a personal assistant or an addition to your marketing team, you don’t need another person in the office.

Read on to learn more about remote assistants and how they can benefit you.

[Considering a Virtual Assistant?]

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Where They Work

A virtual freelancer is a remote contractor, so you can hire someone no matter where you or they are. They don’t work from your office, but you can still get the help you need.

Virtual freelance assistants typically choose where they work, and they can work where they’re most productive. That can help you because your virtual freelancer can get more done for you.

Whether you need occasional or full-time help, consider where a freelancer might work.


A lot of freelance work is flexible, so freelancers can work from home. Some people will have a separate home office, while others will work from a table.

If you hire someone who works from home, they can usually control the environment. That way, you can have video or phone calls to discuss projects and other details without distractions.

Depending on the virtual assistant work you want to outsource, hiring someone who works from home is perfect. You’ll know they have a private space to help you, and you can contact them more easily and in a few ways.


Some freelancers work as digital nomads, meaning they travel the world and still work. While this can be inconvenient when they work in some time zones, it can also be useful if your business has international clients.

If you need to have a meeting with a client in another country, your virtual assistant may be able to facilitate scheduling. In some cases, they might even be able to meet in person with the client.

Hiring someone who travels a lot can also be useful if you occasionally want to meet them at your office. You can ask them to be in town on a certain date to get work done in person.

What They Do

Whether you hire an individual or the best alternative to a freelancer (an agency), you can access various services. You can hire someone who has the skills that your company needs.

Virtual assistant work can focus on one or two main tasks, or it can be a more supportive role. Consider your needs and budget for a freelancer.

Think about the tasks your current employees can complete and where your team would benefit from help. Take a look at some common things virtual assistants do and see how they can serve you.

[Considering a Virtual Assistant?]

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Administrative Tasks

Many fantastic virtual assistants can help with things like managing your email inbox and scheduling appointments. A virtual administrative assistant is the perfect hire for these tasks.

The assistant can also respond to messages from employees and clients, and they will maintain your contact list. If you need to travel for work, a freelancer can help with booking your flight and accommodations.

Administrative tasks can take up a lot of your day. Hiring a freelancer to work for even a few hours a week can help you focus on more important things in your business.

General Support

Perhaps you need help with more than administrative work. Hiring a freelance virtual assistant is a great way to take some personal and executive work off of your plate.

You can get a full-time personal assistant so that you can stop working all day and night. Instead, you can spend that time with your loved ones, and you can be present in those moments.

While you can hire a student or a part-time freelancer, having one person to help throughout the week is better. That one person can know your entire schedule, so you don’t have to worry about miscommunication or other errors.

Specialty Work

Maybe you already have a personal assistant, but you need help with one area of your business, such as marketing. If you can’t afford to hire another marketing employee, a virtual assistant is perfect.

You’ll be able to have a specialist who knows how to market your business well. If you don’t need help with marketing, you can look for a freelancer with another specialty, like customer service or sales.

Freelancer alternatives are also available in the form of an agency or another team. The team has more people, so you can make sure you always have someone who can help.


Hiring a full-time employee can be expensive, but sometimes you need an assistant to work full-time hours. You can look for a freelancer or agency who can provide full-time work for the price of a contract.

If you need a virtual assistant to work during your office hours or another full-time schedule, that’s an option. You’ll be able to hire an expert, and you don’t need to go through the whole recruiting process.

Full-time assistants can work for you over the long term, so they can understand how your company works. Then, they’ll provide better customer service or create marketing content that speaks to your customers.


Sometimes, you only need help for a short period. Maybe one of your employees is going on medical leave or just had a baby and needs a few months off.

Instead of hiring someone to fill their position, you can hire a virtual freelancer. The assistant can take care of that employee’s tasks for the duration of the employee’s time off.

Then, you can keep your business running smoothly. And you and your other employees won’t have to work overtime to make up for not having one person at work.

Will You Hire a Virtual Freelancer?

A virtual freelancer is an excellent person to hire to help with administrative work or special projects. These assistants do remote work, so you don’t have to set up a desk for them.

Whether you need temporary or long-term assistance, consider a freelancer or freelancer alternatives. That way, you can manage your business without working all of the time.

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