The foundation of any professional empire is recruitment and retention. Because people are the material that makes up your business, and that material needs to be strong and long-lasting. In this webinar recording, you’ll be encouraged to reflect on this topic, and how it pertains to your specific company needs. Nowadays remote work is the new normal, and believe it or not, it actually has gotten easier to implement remote services to help you recruit the right people. All the while saving you up to 70% of the cost of a traditional employee!

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Recruit and Retain


R&R has a different meaning from 9 to 5, and it isn’t rest and relaxation; it’s recruit and retain. We talk about exactly how to best do that, here in this webinar series with Dan Stewart, president of Happy Grasshopper.

[Virtual Success Webinar Series] This mastermind webinar shows you how to:

  • Leverage recruitment strategies. What you need to know to attract instead of recruit. Attract competitive talent without seemingly “recruiting.”
  • Nurture & break the cycle. Break the churn-and-burn cycle & nurture productivity with your current team.
  • Scale business & improve processes. Understand the entrepreneur’s scale strategy. Build an engine to efficiently process recruits & new hires.
  • Use VIRTUAL best practices. Metrics, tools, and filters. How to recruit remotely.


Key Takeaways
  • Identify, Attract, Retain. If you’re more certain of what you want, you WILL get it!
  • Know the Power of Questions. Slow down and think about the right questions to ask. What’s the purpose of your prosperity? What’s your overall GIANT GOAL?
    QUESTIONS lead to… CONVERSATIONS … which lead to RELATIONSHIPS … then to OPPORTUNITIES … and lastly to SALES. (Read more)
  • Recruitment is a process of EXIT and ARRIVAL EXIT. Receives a signal that they’ve outgrown their former life ARRIVAL – In a new, fantastic adventure, opportunity, career, or way of thinking. Ask yourself, “Are you going to be the HERO of the story, or the GUIDE, the MENTOR?” — YOU ARE THE GUIDE!
  • 2 Recruiting Styles. 1) OBI-WANs recruit and depart. They show up, and then they’re gone! 2) LUKEs stay on a mission with the recruit, someone they go to battle with. They stay on the mission together.


Dan Stewart is a veteran of multiple startups with over 10 years of experience in helping businesses save more money, while also making more money.

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How virtual staffing solve recruitment challenges


Now that we’ve established the importance of recruiting and how to keep good talent around, let’s talk about the best way to achieve all of that. In a world quickly becoming increasingly remote, it pays to lean into that trend. This is why it’s become highly recommended to look into virtual staffing solutions, like MyOutDesk.  Let’s take a look at an easy-to-digest list of exactly why a virtual professional can be right for just about anyone…

Recruitment Duties Solved by Virtual Assistants

Industries: Professional Services, Healthcare, Retail, Mortgage & Lending, Real Estate, Residential Services, Cannabis, HRO & PEO, Insurance, Finance, Creative Agency, IT, Web, Technology, and more!

  • Prospecting
  • Outbound Prospecting recruitment calls and follow-up
  • Cold calling
  • Pre-screening
  • Recruitment cycle coordination
  • Calendaring and appointments

Example Real Estate Recruitment Duties Solved By Virtual Assistants

  • Calling realtors/agents & set up appointments with brokers
  • Check-in with monthly RE exam passers
  • From the initial interview to an office visit

Example Healthcare Recruitment Duties Solved By Virtual Assistants

  • Healthcare-educated staffing solutions
  • On-boarding paperwork
  • Director of Traffic
  • Virtual reception


Business leaders, take your time back & let virtual assistants grow your company talent!


[Considering a Virtual Assistant?]

Company growth potential with virtual recruitment assistants

Successful individuals and businesses often do not have the time it takes to hire and train a talented individual properly. You should be leveraging this job to experts who have already mastered recruiting and training. Imagine only having to sit back and observe as your expert recruiter leads a deep dive into three impressive candidates’ personalities, operating styles, successes, failures, learning experiences, and more… Then having the confidence that they’ll pick the one who’s the exact right fit for your business needs. 

The math is simple with an enormous ROI. A full-time Recruiting Virtual Assistant will lower your costs, reduce overhead, save time, and leverage professional talent for your company.



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