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A friend of mine was recently on a call with Mark Cuban. Who else can say they’ve been taught by a billionaire?

Entrepreneurs, it is certain that the businesses who act diligently and stay informed will rise to the top. We are tired of hearing about today’s uncertainty. Instead of pausing with the rest of the world, the proactive business is reinventing itself.

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Lessons from a Billionaire

Here are billionaire Mark Cuban’s advice and lessons on how to handle today’s market downturn. He is VERY bullish on the US and on American ingenuity. Once we are out of this recession, he thinks the country’s economy will bounce back and be so much stronger as a result.

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Take today’s data with a grain of salt.

Of all of the “models” that the experts share as “data,” this is not actual data but rather an opinion or projection. Today, the data that we are looking at now is skewed by a huge outside factor that is making it more difficult to trust and analyze.

Look at it but take it with a grain of salt. Most of our best analysis and learning will be reflective.

Pay attention to the said data, but remember that the data presented AFTER this situation will be considered the “real” data.


It’s always the time to sell

It’s never the time to be selling and pitching items and services of value even in this current environment.

Authenticity is critical more than ever when selling. If you are calling on a prospect, empathy is key. Mark said that it’s ok to tell prospects that you are scared too (if that’s true). A great way to sell to continue rapport building, at a time that people are seeking to connect. Your authenticity will make you more relatable.

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Learn something new daily

Make it a point to learn something new daily. Even if you don’t think you need to know it. Mark mentioned he is going deep into learning about the future of A.I.

This is a common lesson of many billionaires, including Jeff Hoffman (founder of Priceline). Bill Gates reads at least 50 books a year. If you hear it more than once coming from a billionaire, then it must be a valid point, right? Mark pointed out to the group to take notes in the book margins and reflect chapter by chapter on what you’ve learned.

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You won’t get it unless you ask for it

You will never get anything without first asking. In the call, the moderator tested Mark’s advice and promptly asked him for an introduction to another influential person that the group could learn from. After laughing, Mark offered to connect the group with Barbara Corcharon. Point taken.


Stay proactive

When you look in a decade from now, there will be around three to five huge companies that were formed during this time. Why not grow your business during these times? Mark said that all the improvements that you have been thinking about HAVE TO BE implemented now both personally and professionally. Get your unfair share and it starts by making those changes now.

If you wanted to implement that new system or software, do it now. Make that huge shift in your offering or streamline processes. Make it happen now.

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