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So, you’ve spent all this time creating the perfect business process. You hand it over to your Virtual Assistant (VA), walk them through it a few times and completely hand it off…. Then, all of a sudden, BOOM, they make a mistake. Maybe you’ll look into it, walk them through it a few more times, and then it never happens again. But then, what if it does? These scenarios can be frustrating and can lead to you thinking, “maybe a VA isn’t a good fit for my business” or “maybe I need to replace my VA.”

Before you act on these thoughts, you may want to consider that this might actually lead to more success for your business. This strong and detrimental belief has been a stumbling block to many clients and has led them to let the tools of scalable business success and real entrepreneurial freedom slip from their grasp.  Letting go of a VA because of a mistake may be a drastic measure, especially since the situation can be a learning opportunity.

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Yes, you read that right. Mistakes that your VA makes could lead to success for you and your business. We’ve been around for15 years, and through all the feedback and stories we’ve had from over 7500 clients, we have deciphered one thing, if you shift your perspective and take a good hard look, mistakes by your VA could expose holes and problems in your processes.

First, keep in mind that it is not your fault or your team’s. For example, sometimes processes can look really good on paper or make complete and logical sense in the planning but can fall short in the execution. It may not be foolproof when used in different scenarios, etc.

Now, we aren’t simply making excuses for our fabulous Virtual Professionals. There are times when a mistake is a mistake, so you have to assess the situation, sometimes it can even be clear as day, but sometimes, their mistakes expose a chink in the armor, so to speak. They reveal a step in the process that could need tweaking or fixing, thus improving your processes and subsequently boosting your business.

One of our clients shared a story where their Virtual Assistant helped improve one of their processes. Our client, a realtor, was late in presenting a proposal to one of his potential clients. In this scenario, they saw that it was not exactly a mistake on their VA’s part but instead revealed a huge flaw in the process they had in place. After this happened (our client was unable to close the deal), their Virtual Assistant suggested and implemented changes to the process, and this incident never happened again.

One fundamental step in seeing the potential for success within a mistake is letting go of frustration and fear and, again, shifting your perspective from ‘who made a mistake’ to ‘why they make a mistake.’ Remember that any process needs adjustments and re-writes, and these need to happen before it is truly fool-proof, and the best way to find out is by testing it and looking at the mistakes like leaks in the dam, so you know what areas need restructuring or patching.

Once you and your team attain a full grasp of the mistakes and how they were made in the first place, proceed with what you can learn from them instead of pointing fingers and focusing on the mistake alone. First, asses the why and then figure out how to improve. You can even create a process around navigating through them and making them a part of your business process improvement exercises to avoid the same errors in the future. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time and trial and error to figure out best practices, and mistakes should be seen as little gifts that present themselves to you to help build your way to success.