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The Problem a Real Estate ISA Solves

As you’re growing and scaling a real estate practice, what you realize is the number one leading indicator to revenue is more listings and more buyers. Once you discover that as a real state person, and you start measuring how many calls and conversations you’re having you realize you need more people. More people calling and having conversations.  The number of conversations you’re having is always the lead indicator to success. Enter… a real estate ISA(Inside Sales Agent). The problem the ISA is solving comes after you already have enough leads, and your team is scaling up. Meaning the ISA should come after all of your other roadblocks have already been overcome, and your last problem is how to keep that sales success going. Now the number one tool your ISA is going to need, is a solid script. Because the script can make or break your ISA during all of these calls.

Here are the basics for an ISA script. What you need to have, and need to know:

  1. CRM connected to the phone is most important, from the start.
  2. Some semblance of numeric scorekeeping for leads – measure not only time frame but motivation
  3. When do they wanna buy, and how motivated are they to follow through? Motivation and timeline.
  4. How much education do they still need, prior to purchase?
  5. An objection handler document and a position document.
  6. A clear buyers journey, broken down so it’s clear to your team when somebody is ready to be handed off to a salesperson, versus being kept and nurtured more.

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Once you have these things set up, you can start working in the lead space and start calling leads together. Keep in mind, this works in any industry, not just real estate. That is how invaluable this knowledge and level of preparation can be to you. Hiring an ISA can be tough as the ideal fit would have flexible communication skills who can adapt to different personalities that they may encounter. All these talents plus a winning script are a formula to great success. Of course, following up or nurturing your leads with a high potential of becoming your clients is also important. Many real estate teams prefer to hire MyOutDesk Real Estate ISA virtual assistants for this role because MyOutDesk has mastered the talent matching process over the past 13 years through intense personality & experience pre-screening required to find suitable candidates and training.

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Hear About it From a Coach

As real estate coach Brian Icenhower writes in Inside Sales Agents (ISA) on Real Estate Teams:

All inside sales agents are not created equal, and it’s important to know the differences if you are looking for guidance from the ISA models that other teams are actively implementing. There are 3 types of ISAs: 1) Outbound; 2) Inbound or 3) Both Outbound/Inbound.

Outbound ISAs generate new leads by prospecting for FSBOs, expired listings, just listed/sold, COI, past clients, geographic farms and etc. Inbound ISAs respond to incoming leads from internet sources and sign calls while repeatedly maintaining contact with leads over time to ultimately foster them into qualified appointments.

Performing both roles at once can be challenging since they are very distinct roles that require two different types of behavior. An Outbound ISA should be more aggressive and driven to make cold calls, where an Inbound ISA should be more of a customer service orientated individual that loves people and building relationships.

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If you’re not already utilizing an ISA Virtual Assistant, You may want to consider one. They can be leveraged to take care of this part of your business. Many real estate professionals just like you have employed our Real Estate Virtual Assistants to call out to their leads, whether to nurture their warm leads or cold calling.

MyOutDesk knows how important it is to have a good script in place for your ISA Virtual Assistant. This is why MyOutDesk has a complete library of Real Estate ISA call scripts developed by the best minds in the real estate industry, which we’ll share with you should you choose to hire one of our outstanding Real Estate virtual assistants.

We highly recommend that you have a direct hand at improving your ISA’s skills by scheduling regular role play and objection handling sessions with them. If you do not have the time, we can help you out with those as well.

Interested in hiring a Real Estate ISA? Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today and find out how a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can your business grow as a Real Estate ISA!