A Real Estate Inside Sales Agent (traditionally referred to as a telemarketer) is an industry secret used by many top-producing real estate brokers and agents. Furthermore, people filling this role can be virtual! Relying on salespeople to call prospects & past clients directly, then implementing a full-time real estate inside sales agent team model can be what pushes businesses to the next level. What does an inside sales virtual assistant do? This is the main person who stays on top of all lead generation and follow-ups. They are a key part of a sales machine!


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What is a Real Estate ISA & What Do They Do?

A Real Estate ISA is a highly talented salesperson who is not only comfortable but productive in spending a majority of their time (80-90%) on the phone, taking care of leads. This individual (or team) would handle all leads for immediate follow-up and scrubbing.

ISA Virtual Assistants are responsible for:
  • Prospecting for new leads
  • Servicing inbound leads from sign calls and other internet sources
  • Converting leads to appointments for a team’s sales agents

Sometimes bigger teams have outbound and inbound inside sales virtual assistants as the team and business grows.

An outbound inside sales virtual assistant would be focused on making outbound cold calls. At the same time, an inbound inside sales virtual assistant would be more suited towards taking incoming calls focused on customer service and building relationships.

An Outbound inside sales virtual assistant generates new leads by prospecting for FSBOs, expired listings, just listed/sold, COI, past clients, geographic farms, etc.

Inbound inside sales virtual assistants respond to incoming leads from internet sources, sign calls, and nurture them into qualified appointments.


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How do you know if the ISA model is right for you?

As business builds, employees may begin to feel stretched thin. The team may have a tough time finding the bandwidth to stay on top of prospecting and even inbound inquiries. This causes the lead pipelines to suffer. Additionally, hiring an inside sales virtual assistant gives a guaranteed gatekeeper of all leads and inquiries. This will leave key employees focusing on crucial responsibilities and not feeling like they are overworked. Nothing slips, no opportunities are lost.

Hiring a Real Estate ISA allows for the ability to focus on core roles. They are typically charged with uploading all of the contact information and conversation notes into databases. This frees up employees from most admin tasks—so, for example, buyers agents don’t have to worry about anything administrative other than writing up a contract.

The trickiest part about this is finding exactly the right people or persons to cover this task effectively. Not to mention additional expenses that will incur in expanding the team. This is why going virtual can be the best move. Real Estate ISAs can get a lot of the preliminaries done for real estate agents. Then, agents can pre-qualify or set an appointment for a said call or even a meeting. They can also help nurture leads and start laying the foundation for you to build a great relationship with them.

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How to Hire an Inside Sales Virtual Assistant:

There’s a lot of noise about what personality types work best for ISAs, but it’s critical to make searching specifically for the unique needs of the business and a company’s culture. A good rule of thumb for the position is to find out who’s jazzed about prospecting and lead generating. In addition, you need candidates that are comfortable with the rigors of cold calling and skilled at communicating a team’s value.

While there may be some trial and error in the search, as Tom Ferry says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your team. This is a learning process. You will quickly learn what and who works best for you.”

At MyOutDesk, we use a tool called Market Force. This is a tool that measures one’s working personality and strengths and weaknesses. Then, coupled with the business needs of our clients, we determine which talent is the best match. Additionally, we only send candidates that we feel will provide true value for you.

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How to Train Real Estate ISA:

Successful ISAs should train regularly with things like daily scripting, objection handling, and role-play sessions. Tracking activities and determining conversion ratios for key metrics like contacts-to-appointments are good ways to motivate an ISA and help them hone their skills. On the nurturing side, response times, follow-up attempts, and conversations must be tracked, with notes, in the CRM for future use. Finally, all the activity tracking should be compared to preset goals, maintaining accountability, and addressing any issues.


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