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On average, 7% of the prospects in your database will enter into a real estate transaction this year – but you don’t know which ones, and you don’t know when. So better call them and find out!

While you’re at it, if you’re like most agents, you’ll want to hit the phone to prospect local Expired & FSBO leads, don’t forget to follow up on all those Zillow, Trulia & Realtor.com leads you’ve been paying $20 each for.

This all adds up to a lot of time on the phone: and that’s a good thing! Prospecting is one of the most important things you can do in real estate to generate more business. The only problem is the time investment – but what if it wasn’t your time being invested?

Delegate the daily repetitive yet essential responsibilities that need to be handled to a MyOutDesk Virtual assistant. Gain leverage and more time to work ON your business instead of IN it. Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today to find out how!

You Need A Real Estate ISA

This is where having a Real Estate Inside Sales Agent (ISA) comes in. Instead of spending half your day playing phone tag, focus on the dollar productive tasks that make you money while a trained, dedicated virtual assistant makes the calls for you.

For about $10 bucks an hour, you can hire a full-time phone warrior to do all of your prospectings for you, which means they deal with the voicemails, phone tag, and no answers – while you focus on making money from the appointments they set. It leverages their ability to focus exclusively on prospecting and leverages your knowledge & expertise in real estate.

Just imagine not having to deal with all of the tedious busywork involved with prospecting. You know – the repeat follow-up until you reach each prospect, then delivering your pitch, and if they say yes, then doing all the back & forth involved to schedule an appointment – along with the appointment followup, etc. Of course, when you prospect, you’ve got to do it for hundreds or possibly thousands of prospects  – but what if you could make all of that go away?

Why Hire A Real Estate ISA?

The massive amount of mental focus & work involved with successfully prospecting makes it a tedious task, which is why most agents don’t like prospecting, and many find themselves in “creative avoidance” strategies to do other things with their time. You don’t like it, to begin with, making it easy to find other things to do – but that hurts your sales.

The dislike of prospecting is also a driver for many marketing schemes & gimmicks that promise an alternative but never deliver results. How could it be otherwise? No amount of “tweets,” “likes,” or “follows” will replace genuine human interaction. Facebook does not equal “face time,” – and it hasn’t replaced the need to prospect.

So if it’s gotta be done, you might as well find a solution for prospecting that you can live with: that’s why you need to hire a trained, pre-screen Real Estate ISA! They’ve got the real estate experience you need, along with our proven scripts & your “secret sauce” for converting leads – and you only focus on the sales, not on lining up the leads.

What Else Can A Real Estate ISA Do?

Your Inside Sales Agent does a lot more than just dial the phone: they also manage & update your prospect CRM, help send reminders & followups for sales appointments, and manage your lead-buying systems like RedX, Vulcan7, etc.

Your ISA does one other precious task: they can deliver the 60-second follow-up on inbound leads that you simply can’t. Do you know those graphs explaining how every minute you wait to follow up results in a 10% decrease in sales? Well, when you’re with a client, or out taking listing photos, or busy with something else – your Real Estate ISA will be there, ready to jump on inbound leads & help you convert them into your next sale.

What Does A Real Estate ISA Do?

  1. Set daily and weekly goals for prospect dials connects conversations & followups.
  2. Track and measure conversion ratios and meet performance benchmarks.
  3. Practice, memorize, internalize and role-play scripts.
  4. Be accountable for goals, results & benchmarks.
  5. Manage and answer all leads calling and registered on your website, making sure that all
    communications are being logged completely in CRM.
  6. Contact all leads through phone/text/email within 5 minutes of site registration during the VA’s
  7. Monitor leads daily that have recently visited your website and follow up with them, especially
    those leads that have yet to be successfully contacted on the phone/text/email.
  8. Manage contact database system, cultivating and managing new leads each week & work
    existing leads to convert into Listing & Buying opportunities.
  9. Use systems such as Vulcan 7/RedX to locate Expired and FSBOs, use MOJO Dialer with Cole
    Directory for Geographic farming and Just Listed/Just Sold/Circle Prospecting lead generation.
  10. Handoff HOT leads that need additional conversation to a Team member/Agent whenever
  11. Submit daily reports on calls, conversations, and appointments set.
    Manage and answer all leads calling and registered on our website, ensuring that all communications are logged completely in CRM. If needed, transfer/assign leads to the right agent/person who can specifically assist the lead about their inquiries.
  12. We need to contact leads through phone or email within 5 minutes after they have registered on our site during the VA’s shift.
  13. Once we can contact leads, forward all information, and transfer to one of our agents, the agent will then qualify leads and change their status either Nurture, Watch, or HOT.
  14. We need to check with agents at least once a week on the status of their respective leads, as this will help our agents do their follow-ups with their respective leads.
  15. Monitor daily all leads that have recently visited our website and try to follow up with them, most especially to those leads that we haven’t made any successful contact with from the start.
  16. Follow the 10 Days of Pain for our new leads and track them in a spreadsheet to be submitted every Friday.
  17. Track all leads that we have currently in a contract with and those leads that we have closed files and submit a lead conversion report at the end of the month. This will enable us to measure the success rate of our lead generation efforts.
  18. Get info and look up properties in MLS to answer leads on the properties they are interested in.
  19. Add all our listings to Realtor, Zillow, and Trulia.
  20. Create email drip plans in CRM that would generate us more success in making contact with our leads.

Those are just a few of the many tasks that a virtual marketing assistant does: every real estate agent typically has a few specialty tasks or “secret sauce” that they put their VA’s on as well.

If you want to learn more about why you need a Real Estate ISA, request a free strategy session with us at your convenience!