BlogCompanyWhy the GTD Method works: Get things done with MOD Executive Virtual Assistants

Why the GTD Method works: Get things done with MOD Executive Virtual Assistants

The Getting Things Done (GTD) method is effective for improving productivity and virtual assistants from MyOutDesk can help with GTD implementation. We provide an overview of GTD principles, including capture, clarify, organize, reflect, and engage, and describe how virtual assistants can support these principles by providing administrative and organizational support.

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Many people have heard of the GTD method, but few know how it can be applied to a virtual assistant. Here, we make the connection between this winning time management methodology and working with an Executive Virtual Assistant.


Create a cadence to organize your life.

Firstly, how does a virtual assistant bring value? A virtual assistant should reduce the burden on your shoulders so that you can focus on achieving your personal and professional goals. Time is at a premium for everyone, so having someone who can do all those little tasks is invaluable.

Is it actionable? Then you do it, delegate it, or defer it

How the GTD method works with an Executive Virtual Assistant

The GTD method works in many ways:


The small tasks that take up the most time are habits. These could be simple things like processing incoming files, scheduling meetings, etc. Here is where a virtual assistant can come in handy, as they can take up these duties.

Weekly Review

The second way this method works is via weekly review, and this is where we need an Executive Virtual Assistant to perform tasks. A virtual assistant should identify the top priorities and then provide you with an action plan to accomplish them within the week.

With the aid of these two ways, you can now apply GTD to a virtual assistant.

Getting started with GTD: Task Management Plan and Weekly Review

  • How much time you will devote to this – the more time you spend on it, the more effective it will be
  • Working off your calendar and inbox with a three-step system – define the tasks that need to be dealt with today, create a list of them, and then get to work
  • Produce a weekly review that includes feedback from others or yourself. If your team asks for clarification on something, refer them to your weekly review.
  • You can also take this opportunity to point out what’s working and not working equally as well as share best practices from other people.

See For Yourself: A Closer Look at Virtual Assistants

The popularity and acceptance of virtual assistants will grow over the next decade. It is estimated that, in 2020, 40% of the entire US task force are virtual professionals. Today’s use cases for these task-oriented professionals are vast. “Freelance virtual assistant services” will be one of the biggest industries in terms of employment and global revenue by the end of the decade.

“Outsourcing makes the hustle better — because you’re not burdened with many/growing expenses that you’ll need to figure out how to cover and hit profit”

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Dan Trujillo

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