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Are your hot leads suddenly not responding anymore? When you seem to be hitting it off, this is probably why, all of a sudden, you’re getting ghosted.

Earlier today, a sales guy shared with me this extremely common incident:

“I had a great call, but now they’ve ghosted me. I don’t know what happened. We had some great conversations, and it felt good. I liked them, and they seemed to like me … BUT I can’t get them back on the phone!”


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Building Rapport Requires COMPETENCY & SINCERITY

Here’s the thing. Foundational in the sales process, building rapport is akin to building trust. You can build rapport either by showing your competency or your sincerity.

  1. Showing your competency means that “I know what I’m doing, and I can help you.”
  2. Showing your sincerity means that “I actually care about you and your success.”

These are the two ways to establish trust and ultimately grow your rapport.

Building rapport is only the first step. Your rapport alone is NOT going to get leads to call you back.


Salespeople getting ‘ghosted’ are missing: CREATING VALUE

Building trust and rapport is only going to get leads to have the conversation with you & listen to what you have to say – but they aren’t going to call you back unless you create value.

How do I get them to actually be in a client relationship with me?

Adding value is the quality that all salespeople struggle with. It takes the intention to uniquely engage each lead. The questions you should be asking yourself with every call are:

  • How can I add value to somebody’s life?
  • What expertise and qualities can I contribute to somebody’s business? to my clients?

In every industry, whether your role is an insurance broker, a real estate agent, a mortgage person, a construction person, you must answer you are continually adding value in every interaction … and that’s how you get them to call you back.


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If you’re struggling to get people to call you back, you need to implore your customers and ask for feedback. The best sales professionals will ask the:

  • How’s your progress going today?
  • Do you feel like I’m helping you?
  • Do you feel like I’m adding value to your business?


If they respond along the lines of …

  • “I want you in my world moving forward … Would you support me?” 
  • “This has really changed my thinking”
  • “I appreciate the great ideas you’ve taught me”

 … That’s when you know that you’ve added value.


Salespeople have to overcome this hurdle and break down the difference between building rapport and adding value. Once you distinguish yourself with these concepts you’ll get your customers to call you back.


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