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What happens when you combine the gold standard for customer relationships, with the gold standard for virtual assistants? You get a well-oiled machine of productivity and professionalism. We always praise our virtual assistants as the best of the best, the kind of assistants that can do it all and are just as good if not better than a local hire. Like professional race car drivers, taking teams past the competition and into first place with ease. But what good is having the best driver if they don’t have something powerful to drive? Zoho is a fine-tuned race car of a CRM, and our virtual assistants know how to drive it to victory for you. 

So, what is a CRM?

The popular abbreviation CRM stands for customer relationship management. To be precise, it’s a tool that acts as a single repository to bring your sales, marketing, and customer support activities together. Kind of like a hub for many essential things any successful company needs closely monitored. A good CRM, like Zoho, helps streamline processes, policies, and your people all under one roof. Manage everything from your leads, ongoing deals, communications with customers and vendors, marketing efforts, customer service tickets, and generate reports with analytics. What’s more? It doesn’t require any software downloads, as the entire platform is useable via your web browser or mobile app. Further solidifying it as the perfect tool for any growing business, especially those under a hybrid work model. Meaning any of your employees can log in and utilize a CRM like Zoho from anywhere in the world.

What does Zoho do?

At its most simplistic, it answers questions about your business. How many customers do you have? How many did you lose last quarter? What was last month’s revenue? Who closed the most deals? What’s the biggest issue plaguing your customers? Zoho can tell you all of that and more, plus give you the means to do something with that information. Use this data to customize your efforts across the board. Make smarter decisions with real-time analytics. Personalize marketing efforts to ensure they connect with every customer on a personal level. Send out meticulously catered social media promotions, newsletters, email campaigns, etc, and then track your success. Then use the results to better connect with your customers and prospects. A multi-channel communication system brings a variety of mediums together, like websites, social media, phone calls, live chat, etc. 

That’s all great for your external efforts, but what about internal? A CRM like Zoho works effectively both ways because it can help bring teams together. Disconnected employees, working in silos, become a bottleneck for any business trying to grow. This becomes even more true in a hybrid work model where employees are working from home. By having intuitive, company-wide tools like a CRM to better manage how your employees and different departments interact and share information, you also improve how they interact with your customers and leads. Create tickets for problems, leads, account notes, and other important information that often needs multiple sets of eyes. Your teams will never miss another update, alert, request, error, or internal note again.

Zoho and Virtual Assistants

What’s so great about pairing an experienced, reliable virtual assistant with a CRM like Zoho? Because the possibilities are astronomical when you do. For example, virtual assistants are a huge benefit to teams looking to delegate busy work and free themselves up to focus on higher-level tasks they’d rather be doing. Well, Zoho makes that easier to do even without a virtual assistant, because it’s so good at compartmentalizing the different facets of your business that need managing. So imagine using Zoho with a virtual assistant, that’s essentially two invaluable tools for any growing business combined into one powerhouse of productivity. It’s like mixing nitrous into the gas tank of that race car I mentioned before; it’s practically overkill. 

zoho crm

Zoho has so many features that fit perfectly into the usual responsibilities of a virtual assistant, it makes their job even easier. Which in turn makes your business run like an efficient dream come true. Here are just a few examples of the kind of productive, efficient ways a virtual assistant can work with a CRM like Zoho for your business.

  • Cut out time-intensive, repetitive tasks by creating automated routines that your virtual assistant can manage.
  • Streamline your lead nurturing process with dedicated tools managed by a dedicated assistant. Set instant triggers and follow up with better workflows.
  • Task your virtual assistant with using the analytic tools to give you regular reports on how every facet of your business is performing. They can use the data to track key performance indicators, including current trends and future predictions.
  • Leave it to your assistant to tweak your marketing efforts based on social analytics and territory-wide sales performance.
  • And since Zoho integrates with so many other platforms, like G-suite, Office 365, Slack, Trello, Paypal, Zoom, etc, experienced virtual assistants can dive right in with minimal learning curve.

A massively flexible and intuitive platform like Zoho, in the hands of an experienced, professional virtual assistant really is a potent combination for any growing business.

Win the Race With Zoho and Virtual Assistants

We covered a lot of ground with this post, but it still only feels like a scratch on the surface of what’s possible. The entire purpose of CRM platforms like Zoho is to better streamline, organize, and manage virtually any aspect of your business. It’s only fitting that you put it in the hands of a virtual assistant like ours because their purpose is aligned. You should already know by now that virtual assistants can do the same thing a local assistant can, just from far away and at up to 70% less cost. Now you know that they can use the software you’re already using, to great success. You’ve already gone remote with a CRM, why not go all the way remote and really maximize your potential gains? 

We’re sure you still have questions and concerns, that’s why that link below this paragraph exists. Use it to request a one-on-one consultation with one of our experts. They’re always available to schedule a talk with any prospective customer, to go over your specific needs and questions. After determining if the virtual assistant model is even the right fit for you, they’ll go over a plan of action that fits your goals. Leaves you free to consider it on your time and make the move when you’re ready. No pressure or obligations. Your success is quite literally our success, so let’s be successful together. 

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