Bob Corcoran Gives Advice on Doubling Your Business Plan in 2015

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”~ Benjamin Franklin


Who doesn’t want to grow and progress? Especially in business. Stagnation is a state that nobody wants to be in. So are you at that point where you want to push yourself further and grow your business? Where do you begin? Bob Corcoran, the number one Real Estate Coach according to the Wall Street Journal discusses doubling your business plan in 2015 with MyOutDesk’s Co-Owner Daniel Ramsey in the video below.


It’s not about selling more homes it’s about serving more people. By taking this approach you will start to see families and lives that you can make a difference in, as opposed to dollar signs – the money becomes the icing on the cake. This is where you begin; you must start from the right mindset.


Time vs. Money, it’s all about leverage. If you own your business, you should be the business owner not the employee. This means finding the right people and building your team, choosing the right people people who will be able to fulfill the roles that need to be filled. A pivotal point in your business is shifting that mind-set from being an employee to becoming the CEO of your business. This means delegating tasks and focusing on what you do best. Start using Virtual Assistants, Coordinators, and fellow Agents to get the job done. You don’t have to work a lot of hours or spend a lot of money.


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Also, determine what you want and develop your business plan. Once again, it is most beneficial to shift the mind-set from how much you want to make to how many families you want to serve. When you have your team this helps zoom in on the good that you are doing and is a much better motivator. Make sure your team is focused on the bigger picture. Setting goals is important but what makes those goals have a purpose is having an ultimate target that you want to reach. You can then break it down and figure out what you need to do to reach that ultimate target.


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Now, identify the tools you need. Based on your business plan find out the different elements that you need in order to hit those targets you want to reach. If it is finding your first team member, what strengths do they need to possess? What supplemental tools do you need to have in place for them to function at top capacity? These are important factors to look into as well.


For real results you need real actions, you are what you think and you are what you do. Taking your business to the next level does not have to be daunting. If you have a good plan in place and the right people to deploy that plan into action, doubling your business is a definite possibility.


Bob also offered a complimentary business consultation to the first 20 people that complete their Business Plan. This was an amazing offer; all you have to do is complete the attached Business Plan Worksheet and email it to and Corcoran Consulting & Coaching will immediately be in contact with you. When was the last time you were offered a complimentary consulting call from the most recognized and respected coaching company in the real estate industry?


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