Bob Corcoran: Tips on Building a Winning Real Estate Team

Building a winning Real Estate Team is no easy feat. Whether you are just at the cusp of putting together your team or already running one, there are many components that you need to ensure are working and organized in order to be the CEO of your business. Wall Street Journal’s #1 Real Estate Coach Bob Corcoran shares with Daniel Ramsey, Owner of MyOutDesk, the formula to creating a winning Real Estate team in the video below.

Bob Corcoran

from My OutDesk Virtual Assistants.

Bob discusses valuable information applicable to any real estate agent —whether you are a veteran or new in the business, hoping to build an amazing real estate team. He also discusses the value that a real estate virtual assistant can bring to your team.

During the chat, Bob shares some amazing material:

– Organizational charts (small, medium and large teams) Download Here
– Hiring checklist for support staff Download Here
– Behavioral style profile Download Here

He also offers a free business consultation, just visit his website Click Here.
Ideally, you want to achieve operational excellence and the way to achieve that is by developing a team that is:

1. Self-managed
2. Self-disciplined.

The path to creating a self-managed and self-disciplined team is to ensure that you have a well-balanced operations division and sales division. This is how you become the CEO of your business. How do you achieve that?

Bob advises that one of the first and most important things you must have is a good Custom Relationship Management system or CRM in place. Look at it as your first “hire”. This can be one of the most important tools in your arsenal. In order to set-up processes and keep track of all aspects of your business from your contacts to financial transactions and everything in between, a CRM will stand as the heart of your operations. There are a lot of good CRM’s out there. Bob highly recommends Top Producer, however it boils down to you. You ideally want a CRM that is versatile enough to grow with your business, so find one that has an interface that suits you and your style the most. If you already have a system or CRM in place, then perhaps you can shift your focus from ensuring that it is in ship shape and hire someone to focus on that.

Once you have your CRM in place, it’s time to hire someone. If you have never hired someone before, a Real Estate Virtual Assistant may be your best bet. Start with one working for you part-time. Get them to clean up your database, setup your Social Media, and even set-up your emails. Once you take the time to train your real estate virtual assistant, there should be no difference between working with them virtually or having them right beside you in your office.

To truly be the CEO of your own business, Bob advises that your main focus should be money making tasks which are to list, prospect, sell and negotiate; everything that does not fall under those categories should be done by someone else. Bob surmises, based on their experience that if you really sit down and look at the things that are done on the listing side; 80% of the tasks can be outsourced and on the buying side 80-85% of the tasks can be outsourced as well.

From there, you need to be able to identify what and who you need in your operations division and sales division and continue to build your winning team. This is where the checklist and behavior profiles that we shared with you above come into play. Whether you hire a virtual assistant for real estate, in-house, on-shore or off-shore, you need to find people who will be invested in your business culture, goals and core values. Each member of your team should also recognize their specific roles, what they need to do individually and what they need to do together, in order to meet your goals. Once you all have common purpose and motivation, your team will begin to function as a well oiled machine.

When your systems and business set-up are in place and you have really taken the time to carefully find and hire people with the qualifications, purpose and drive that you need, you will begin to see a self-managed and self-disciplined team that will bring your business to higher levels.

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