Boost Your Lead Generation and Your Bottom Line

Generating leads from diversified lead sources is a crucial part of increasing your bottom line. Automating and delegating routine lead generation tasks to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, can make it more efficient, and result in consistent sources of new business for you. First, let’s discuss a few real estate lead generating strategies that should be an integral part of your lead generation plan and then we’ll discuss how you can get help managing those tasks.

A few real estate lead generating strategies:

    • Past Client & Network Referrals

      Referrals produce some of the hottest leads, which is why they are a key lead-generating source. Be sure to ask for a referral, after you’ve went above-and-beyond for a client. Make a habit of working through your database, checking-in on past clients and seeing if they have someone to refer – offer an incentive. Make time to attend networking events and network online, through social media. Stay connected to other business professionals that could feed you referrals.


    • Social Media

      Start building a presence on social media, ie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, etc. Social media helps you stay in front of past clients, business partners and prospect new leads. Develop a social media posting calendar and stick to it. Routine posts are necessary to building a presence. Don’t ask for their business, rather build up your personal brand as a trusted and local educated real estate expert, direct them to your educational blog/website and the leads should start rolling in.


  • Website & Blogging

    A professional website is a must-have in today’s technology-driven market. Optimize your website for search engines and lead generation. Provide useful and educational content on your site. Create a blog that is frequently updated blog – fresh content is a great way to obtain lead traffic. Always include simple contact forms so you can capture leads.

So who are you going to delegate these tasks to, while you focus on what you do best, closing deals?
The answer is a MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistant. A Marketing Virtual Assistant can help you reach out to past clients, give you more time to network, maintain your social media posts and blog, and optimize your website for lead generation.

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