Building A Mega Agent Expansion Team

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Then creating an expansion team may be the next step for you. Expansion can be a daunting word if you don’t know what it’s all about and how to go about it. Kristan Cole, head of Keller Williams’ Mega Agent Expansion, share the fundamentals you need to know about creating a Mega Expansion team with MyOutDesk. (Watch video below). Also, she shared her Virtual Assistant onboarding process flow, click here to download.


What is an expansion team? Basically, it is taking your current systems in your business set-up and launching them into another location. Whether it is to a new City, State or even just another side of town. An expansion team could boost your business since you are able to cater to a wider area at a quicker pace. Also, you will be able to gain prospects and contacts from a wider margin thus increasing the productivity of your business as a whole. So how do you even begin to do this? Ask yourself a few questions:


  1. Is my current set-up sound? First of all you need to be sure that you have your current business running like a well-oiled machine. This is because your current business location and set-up will act as the centralized hub of your expansion team. Do you feel that your administrative and lead generation systems have been tried and tested?
  2. What location would be ideal or most beneficial for me to establish my expansion? This is one of the most crucial decisions when deciding to set up an expansion team. If you are looking to expand within your current area, you will probably want to look into how distances affect your current business. For example, if you find that any of you in your team are having to travel at least 30 minutes to an hour for appointments at a specific area often, you may want to consider establishing your expansion team in that area. This is all subject to the scope of your prospecting of course, if you have a lot of business in another City or State, then that may be the ideal location for your expansion. You have to be sure that you have enough business, both leads and appointments in the area.
  3. Do I have the right people on my team? It is extremely important that you trust the people you have in your team. A geographical location is not important. What is important is that each member of your team is able to function within their roles and are at a place where if they had to be part of your new expansion team, they can acclimatize easily and support any new members or adjust easily to any new factors that your new location may bring. So whether you leverage MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistants or in house employees, what matters most is that they know how important it is for them to deliver results regardless of the location.


The “who” in this equation is going to play a large role in the success or failure of your expansion. You need to be sure that you have three major areas covered by the right people:


  • Your Administrative Team
  • Your Lead Generation Team
  • Leadership Accountability

Each team must function together to form your whole hub and make it as sound as possible.
As mentioned earlier in terms of the location of your team or workforce, geographical location is not terribly important as long as they are able to perform their duties. A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can be ideal in this situation. Once you have established their role in the team, you can now use them in any area be it in your central hub or your expansions. It is all a matter of ensuring that you have the best people who fit your style and whose vision and goals are in line with yours.


You can have a perfect set-up and all the best systems in place but if you have the wrong people in your team, you will fail. However, if you have taken the time to pick and choose and carefully train your team, even if your systems and set-up are not at a hundred percent, you will see real results.


Do you have all your systems in place? Do you believe in your team?
If your answer was yes, then you may be ready to create your expansion team.


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