Video Testimonials

Lisa Archer

Lisa Archer has been with MOD since 2011! Her Virtual Professionals assist in her prospecting and administrative duties, providing valuable leverage to her team. She came up with something called the sticky challenge, where she and her team members wrote down on sticky notes, what activates they engaged in daily, how long it took them and the results.

Wanda Smith

This is one of our awesome clients, Wanda Smith. She hired her first Virtual Assistant in 2016. One question she has been asked a lot is “How can you afford it Wanda?” Her answer? “I can’t afford NOT to! Since hiring a virtual professional, my business has increased 322% in one year.” Wanda loves her VA, and for good reason!

Knolly Williams

Best-selling author and national speaker Knolly Williams has been with MOD for about 5 years. Knolly finds that he is able to focus on his passion because he has Virtual Professionals take care of the details so he can simply show-up and deliver. It frees up Knolly’s time & allows him to focus on the activities that require his personal expertise.

Chris Upham

Chris Upham is the Principal & Listing Specialist with The Upham Group, a top real estate team serving the Washington DC, Metro Area. A bestselling author, Chris joined top agents from across the nation to publish The New Rise in Real Estate, which hit 7 Amazon Best Seller Lists and shares tips for buying and selling homes.

Jessica Fox

Jessica Fox was “born into real estate”, being part of a successful real estate development and sales family. She says, “I believe that a virtual assistant can help an office provide a more consistent higher level of service from recognition to communication, to the calendar, to just about everything you can imagine.”

Tristan Ahumada

Tristan says, “My main concern was language skills at the beginning. Are these people gonna speak English well? Yes, their English is amazing! Once I had the system down, once I knew exactly how to use my ISA, then at that point I could see the return coming back very quickly. In month I’m paying for them for the whole year.”