Ken Wimberly

Ken Wimberly received the 2012 William C. Jennings Award for the most outstanding commercial transaction in the entire state of Texas. He is also one of only ten members across the country to serve on the Executive Leadership Council for KW Commercial. Wimberly is the Operating Principal/Franchise Owner of Keller Williams in Abilene, TX. He was also named Keller William’s #1 Agent in 2017!

Ken has been with MOD for almost 6 years. At first, his Virtual Assistant’s tasks were simple but time-consuming activities, such as checking their emails daily. Now, Ken delegates more tasks to his Virtual Assistant—ranging from handling various reports that they use to gauge the market, creating materials for marketing, their team’s transaction coordination, and so much more!

Ken says that if he were to put a value on the return of investment in his MOD Virtual Assistant, a conservative number would be 5 to 1.