MOD Client Success



Wanda Smith hired her first Virtual Professional in 2016.

One question she has been asked a lot is “How can you afford it Wanda?” Her answer? “I can’t afford NOT to! Since hiring a virtual professional, my business has increased 322% in one year.

In the beginning, like many people, Wanda was apprehensive—but she knew herself and she knew she needed help. Wanda’s Virtual Professional does her social media, calls clients, nurtures leads and basically everything that Wanda needs taken care of, to get her in front of her clients and closing deals.


Best-selling author and national speaker Knolly Williams has been with MOD for about 5 years. Knolly finds that he is able to focus on his passion because he has Virtual Professionals take care of the details so he can simply show-up and deliver.  Preparing his presentations, finalizing event details and other finer tasks are delegated to his VP so he can arrive at his events refreshed and full of the energy that he needs to be an effective speaker.

Beyond events, Knolly realized that in preparing for listings, in the usual list of to-dos, there are a majority of tasks that a Virtual Professional could handle—thus freeing up time and allowing for focus on the activities that require physical presence and personal expertise.



Lisa Archer has been with MOD since 2011!

Her Virtual Professionals assist in her prospecting and administrative duties, providing valuable leverage to her team.

She came up with something called the sticky challenge, where she and her team members wrote down on sticky notes, what activates they engaged in daily and how long it took them and what the results were. By doing this, each team member was able to pinpoint what tasks could be delegated to save time to focus on the things that needed more of their attention.


Ken Wimberly has been with MOD for almost 6 years. At first, his Virtual Professional’s tasks were simple but time-consuming activities, such as checking their emails daily.

Soon, Ken realized how much more he could delegate to her. Pretty soon his Virtual Professional began to handle various reports that they use to gauge the market, create materials for marketing and their transaction coordination.

Ken says that if he were to put a value on the return of investment in his MOD Virtual Professional, a conservative number would be 5 to 1.



Chief Oniya has been with MOD for almost 3 years and has a team of 4 Virtual Professionals who handle his prospecting. After spending the time to train them on the ins and outs of his business, he was able to ensure that his ISA’s are superstars, constantly making calls and setting appointments for his team. One key factor is that Chief made sure that his ISA’s are fully integrated into his team by making sure that he has them completely engaged and sold on his business.

Chief does this by making sure that each of his Virtual Professionals are accountable for their work, holding consistent training sessions and by touching base with them regularly.