Virtually Dedicated to Outsourcing

Do more for less, outsource the rest.

If you read our blogs and have listened in on the interviews that my brother, Daniel, and I have been invited to, you will find that this is the main idea that we have been trying to share with small businesses owners and fellow real estate agents out there.  And we’ll say it again and again if needed, because this is something that we have not only discovered for ourselves… it is something that we have in common with the 100+ Real Estate agents who are happily reaping the benefits of outsourcing their business to a Virtual Assistant.

Outsourcing contains the 3 key elements of the Project Management Triangle.  What elements are these?

These three elements are key factors to your business’ success and here’s how outsourcing to your Virtual Assistant gives you the balance and symmetry of this triangle in your business:

Money –Having a VA in your workforce will SAVE YOU MONEY.  A Virtual Assistant costs less than your average employee, yet you are getting Quality and Fast work that a physical employee could provide.

Quality – invests time and effort in training the Virtual Assistants that we hire in our team.  In fact, even before they are hired, they need to go through a rigorous application process to pass our standards.  This allows us to ensure that the people we are hiring are capable of quality work that we would not be ashamed of. If we were not confident in our people – would we even invest in a Money Back Guarantee?

Time – Having a Virtual Assistant frees up your calendar to do the things that you find important.  Spending time with your kids, blogging or going through your life’s bucket list.  Outsourcing takes away those tedious, but needed tasks in your daily routine to allow you to focus on what you do best – manage your business.

But the first step to getting these 3 elements into your life is to take the leap!  Outsourcing is not as easy as it sounds at the beginning.  My brother and I have gone through times wherein we had felt like giving up, but we hold true to our belief in the outsourcing idea.

The common mistake that most clients make is to blame it all on the Virtual Assistant, when in fact the VA-Client relationship must be a mutually beneficial relationship for it to work.  Your VA is offering you the 3 key elements in the triangle, and you in turn are giving him/her the same thing.  For this to work, you need to be dedicated to the outsourcing ideal, by:

Learning to let go

Some clients find it difficult to let go of tasks, because they feel more confident doing it themselves or they simply do not trust that their VA can do it.  But that’s exactly why you hired a Virtual Assistant from!  Our VAs are highly trained and capable.  They also have a support staff who can assist them should they encounter any issues while in a task.


Our training doesn’t include ESP and although we’re proud to say that our VAs are resourceful and can pick things up very quickly, you will have to help them along the way by being more direct and straight to the point with what you want.  This will lessen the chances of mistakes and misunderstandings.

There are times wherein you will really need to provide them with instructions for them to achieve the results that you want.  Yes, it may mean investing some time into training, but it’s well worth the effort, because in the long run your VA will be able to provide the results that you expect


Timing – as they say – is everything and the same goes for outsourcing.  Just like Tim Harris mentioned on the Harris Real Estate University Superstar interview we had, there are certain times or phases in a business wherein you will need to expand or hire a Virtual Assistant.  You need to take advantage of that right moment to make sure that your Virtual Assistant is not under or over utilized.

These are just three things to a long list of adjustments that you need to make to be truly dedicated in the outsourcing ideal.  But once you have these done, you’ll find that the 3 elements of the triangle will come into place sooner than you know it.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the outsourcing plunge now!

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