The Ever-Changing SEO Industry

seo3It is a known fact that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry is not a constant business strategy. Just like any business campaign or strategy, SEO faces a lot of ongoing changes. A business cannot hold on to it without going with the flow.

SEO changes because technology changes. Search Engine Results Page (SERP)’s sometimes have to parallel everything (from the search engines themselves, users, mobile, etc.) in order to be effective. The search engines have grown by leaps and bounds. It is expected that this growth will continue the same way of how it started.

As long as there is a need for better search technology, SEO marketers will have the enthusiasm to adapt to these changes to grow with SEO and not be left behind.

Search Engine Spammers to Blame

Since humans will most likely outsmart even the newest technology, a window for “farmers” which falls under the same category of spammers will pounce on. It’s the SEO’s nature to make a counter punch and make these spammers pull back.

The search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing, have no choice but to make necessary changes or they’ll have to face the risk of losing potential users overtime. The trickle-down effect comes down to us, users, having to adapt to these changes on approaching the search space. But of course, white hat SEO strategy will always be in style.

Social Media and the SEO Industry

Social media sites have been an amazing breakthrough for communication. It has given business opportunities for small enterprise to compete with the “man” in any industry. Again, search engines are forced to adapt and work on it. It will still be from a SERP standpoint on how these social media networking sites will be embraced by SEO.

As the search engines identify better opportunities on incorporating social media aspects in the search engine’s marketing game, this will cause marketers to shift the gears once again.

pie-chartSearch Technology and the Constant Change

Each side of the SEO spectrum has experienced innovation. Each new web application introduced to the market will become a business limelight for a small period of time depending on how it is perceived by its target audience. Then again, search results need to adapt to this change.

Search engine marketing shakers are continuously making a change in the SEO landscape to sell their companies services. To be successful in SEO, one must be prepared to change along with them unless you want to take the risk of being left behind.

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