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Guard Against The Chaos: How to create Bulletproof Systems & Processes for your business

Focus on positive outcomes and continually take the next action…

The Dummy-Proof Guide To Building A Remote Culture: 20 Steps for 2020

When considering hiring a virtual professional and/or a virtual team to work alongside a physical team, one of the most important things you can do is set up your company culture to support this blended operating model - and here's how to do it...
Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

Communication Guide

It has often been said that if you don’t have an assistant, you are one. In the real estate business, this rings especially true. 99% of businesses in America today are considered small businesses, and 80% of those are lone operators.

Administrative Virtual Professionals

One of the keys to scaling is to remove yourself from the administrative activities of your business and to focus on growing your company, with a VP handling operations and administration.

The SOP Framework

Within your scale framework, when a virtual professional makes a mistake, there must be a process for determining why. As an entrepreneur, you might tend to be upset when someone makes a mistake.

The Virtual Playbook

One of the things that worries business owners as they begin to work with VPs is how to handle mistakes when they are made. When employees are in the office with you, you can talk to them immediately and directly.

The 4Ps: The Revenue Model For Virtual Professionals

To help you maintain your focus on generating revenue, I will introduce you to the 4Ps. Not only did we double that goal using this system but we also ended up helping thousands of people find jobs with growing businesses.

The Sticky Challenge

If you were to go to a doctor, the doctor’s first step would be to find a diagnosis. This exercise is a kind of diagnostic tool for your business; it will help you evaluate what you and your team, however large or small it is, are focused on.

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