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Hire the best of the best for your team! Download your free hiring guides now & make sure that you have the best candidate toolkit available for interviews, evaluations & references!

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As a business owner, executive, or team leader, you want and need to recruit the best of the best for your team. It’s essential to building your revenue – without it, you’ll consistently fall short of your goals & struggle to grow.

Hiring isn’t easy, however – especially when you’re in startup mode, focused on everything except staffing up. That’s why we’ve made this collection of proven, step-by-step hiring guides available to help you attract, recruit & retain the best staff for your growing business.

Building the right team is crucial – and it all begins with finding the right fit. That’s something that our hiring guides will help you delve into before, during & after the interview itself, to ensure that you’ve got the best fit possible in your business.

Use this collection of free real estate hiring guides to find & recruit talented, motivated individuals ready to become invaluable assets to your team. You need people who are on the same page as you strategically, with the same goals in mind.

You can achieve that with our free downloadable hiring guides, which will help you find & recruit the “best of the best” for your organization!

If you’ve ever felt frustrated you that no matter how much you get done in a day, there simply isn’t enough time to get caught up, or you’re struggling to find time to follow up on leads, then it’s an indicator that you need to staff up – and it also means this free collection of hiring guides is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Quit dreaming about  having an organized, efficient team dedicated to taking care of the small stuff, and make it a reality! Leave the stress and aggravation behind with our collection of step-by-step hiring guides to help you stay on top of recruiting the best team members for your business!

MyOutDesk’s mission is to provide indispensable virtual employees to our clients.

Our core focus is to empower businesses to scale and grow rapidly while keeping costs low and remaining flexible. To achieve our goal we offer free one-on-one consultations to better understand the company’s needs and determine what role is needed to play in its success. When we’re positive that we are a fit, our team picks the perfect virtual professionals to meet the needs specific to their business and industry.

At MyOutDesk one of our internal core values is the Servant’s Heart – meaning to have a mindset or desire to selflessly serve others. Your success is our success. Because it’s not just about staffing, it’s about connecting real professionals with real work and we’re dedicated to finding the right person for the right job, always.

The Highest Quality Virtual Assistants

MyOutDesk has hundreds of amazing reviews from top industry professionals describing our attention to detail & focus on quality. We pride ourselves on being the best of the best when it comes to virtual assistants, and we work hard to ensure all our customers have the highest levels of satisfaction.

MyOutDesk deploys a stringent talent-matching process for our hiring. In fact, out of over 150 applications per day, only 2.2% are hired and endorsed to clients, and every one of our VAs undergoes an FBI-grade background check.

We ensure that they possess the 3 E’s: Employment, Expertise, and Experience — making them a great fit for your business. Our reputation depends on it!

Yes, please send me free copies of the strategy guides & important email/SMS reminders + occasional offers. Message & data rates may apply, opt-out at any time. MyOutDesk records all communications for training purposes. By completing this form you consent to being on a recorded line.

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Mark Shandrow

“I would highly recommend MyOutDesk for any of your Virtual Assistant needs. They were able to screen several VA candidates for the position that we needed and provided a high-quality candidate within 48 hours that currently exceeds our expectations.”

Mark Shandrow

Senior VP & Co-Founder, Solid Landings Behavior Health, Cosa Mesa CA

Ryan Yardley

“As a loan officer, I want to create relationships with REALTORS®, and I use my VA to help me acquire the relationship. He setup 51 one-on-one meetings with agents in the first quarter I had him, which is awesome because acquiring the relationship is what acquires the mortgage. My VA is so good that my schedule is booked solid!”

Ryan Yardley

Mortgage Consultant, Ryan Yardley Mortgage Consultant

Dan Manginelli

“There's absolutely value in having a real estate virtual assistant - especially on the lead generation & nurturing side of things. For a mortgage broker or loan officer to be able to cultivate & nurture a lead while they build a relationship with the client is very important. There's definitely value in that, especially in today's industry.”

Dan Manginelli

CEO, Author & Speaker, South Pacific Financial Corp

Matt McDaniel

“It's been great working with MyOutDesk - it's been very beneficial and cost effective for me. I try to focus on staying top of mind with REALTORS® to generate new business, and my VA's assist with tasks like loan pipelines, deal pipelines, & client interactions that reduce my ability to build relationships & acquire mortgage deals.”

Matt McDaniel

Mortgage Banker, Total Lending Concepts

Ronald Bergum

“We've been very pleased with the amount of escrows opened by our MyOutDesk virtual assistants. I really like working with our virtual assistants - its a game changer and massive value to our real estate partners! I strongly recommend hiring a mortgage virtual assistant today, the return on investment you'll see will be absolutely tremendous!”

Ronald Bergum

SW Divisional President, Ameritrust Home Mortgage

Dan Stewart

“It's crazy how great MyOutDesk is - you guys go way beyond what I expected! We hired our first virtual assistant, named Mary, and she's simply awesome. It was a tough choice, though, because we interviewed four separate VA candidates, and honestly I wanted to hire all of them!”

Dan Stewart

CEO, Happy Grasshopper

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